“He Doesn’t Care About Protecting the Record”: Former Two-Time World Champion Lauds Ryan Garcia for Making ‘Biggest Fights’

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‘KingRy’s about-face from one potential opponent to another has come under scathing attack both from fans and pundits alike. But in certain quarters, it’s felt that the criticism against Ryan Garcia is unwarranted.

The year began with updates about talks going on for a fight with Devin Haney. But soon came the shock that Ryan Garcia wanted to fight Rolando Romero instead. Subsequently, Jose Ramirez replaced Romero’s name. The noise of a call out to Isaac ‘Pitbull Cruz also echoed. So most fans must be heaving a sigh of relief now that the Garcia-Haney fight is back on track for good. But the development hasn’t seen a let-off in the share of flak reserved for ‘KingRy’. However, a former champion feels that what Garcia has been doing is all for a good reason.

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After all, Ryan Garcia served as a catalyst in bringing about one of the biggest fights last year. Though it’s a different fact, he ended up experiencing the first loss of his career. Nevertheless, the question remains. Does Garcia deserve credit for bringing about a hugely successful bout? Former welterweight champion Andre Berto might find himself among the select few who feel there’s a justification behind what ‘KingRy’ does.


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The Haitian-American boxer, who returned to the ring last December after a gap of five years, believes Ryan Garcia deserves more respect than he gets now. Time and again, he has proven that records are the last thing that occupies his mind. “Gotta show @RyanGarcia some respect, kid showing he doesn’t care about protecting the record,” said ‘The Beast’.

He is trying his best to bring about huge, significant battles. He enjoys a massive following across social media. Hence, if he wanted, he could have just played to the gallery and fought boxers with little to no skills. Instead, he has been chasing big names because the only thing he longs for is respect.

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Just trying to make the biggest fights happen in his division. He’s popular, has a huge following. He could easily play the internet game and fight bums, but he wants real respect,” Andre Berto said.

Ryan Garcia finally has a fight in hand. He will face archrival Devin Haney on April 20 in Las Vegas. The agreement comes nearly a month after the first attempt to seal a deal caved in. Scores of fans must be praying with fingers crossed, wishing that the match makes it through this time. After all, by any stretch of thought, it’s a big fight not only for Garcia and his fans but, most critically, for boxing itself.


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