Mike Tyson to star in superhero movie ‘Bunny Man’

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During a press conference in the northern city of Turin former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson announced the Bunny Man movie, the writer Enrico Remmert and the Italian producer Andrea Lervolino were also present at that moment.

They further revealed that the whole movie will be shot in the city of Turin.

According to the provided synopsis,“Bunny Man” is about a multimillionaire superhero who fights with the bad forces while wearing a rabbit mask on his face.

His motivation stems from his desire to exact on his sister, who committed suicide in a violent incident, the photos of which ended up on the internet.

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“We are giving a unique type of experience to the audience by redefining the boundaries of creativity in cinematography,” stated by Lervolino the producer of the film. He further said that” 95% of the entire movie will be shot on a virtual set and we are quite excited to embark on this innovative project”.

The producer also expresses that they felt proud that a legend like Mike Tyson is part of their cast and he will make the Bunny Man character more special for the audience.

Preciously Mike made appearances in movies like “The Hangover” and the “Hangover part 2”. Further details regarding the film cast and the film director are not revealed yet.

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