Mike Tyson Becomes Cupid on Valentine’s Day, Fans Drool Over “Irresistible” Clip

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Mike Tyson just surprised the boxing world by appearing as the god of love on Valentine’s Day! With wings to fly, in a Tuxedo, the 57-year-old not only looked dashing but also wrote love letters.

In doing so, ‘Kid Dynamite’ intelligently promoted the cannabis products Tyson 2.0 sells. And although the clip is short, Tyson made it hilarious and adorable with his performance.

Previously, Mike Tyson appeared as Mike, The Spelling Bee and fascinated the fans. This time around, as the ‘Baddest Man on Earth’ turned himself into Cupid, fans were smitten. Well, here is what Tyson had to say as the god of love.

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In the brief clip, Mike Tyson is seen in a Tuxedo with wings. At first, the former Heavyweight champion of the world seems to struggle to write something. However, he does not give up. “Mike Tyson is the most irresistible m*therf***er in history,” ‘Kid Dynamite’ says as he diligently rubs a feather on blank pages. Suddenly, the 57-year-old gets frustrated and asks, “Why am I writing f***ing love letters?

However, Tyson soon recalls his purpose and the role he is playing. “Oh, I remember. I’m Cupid. Back to writing love letters. Happy Valentine’s Day from Tyson 2.0,” says Mike while displaying Undisputed Cannabis sold by Tyson 2.0. Undoubtedly, as Tyson turned into Cupid after the Spelling Bee, fans on Instagram were more than elated:

The only Valentine I need,” one wrote in reply to Tyson’s post.

Meanwhile, one noticed the product called Mike Bites and said, “OMG that was an ear gummy“.

On the other hand, one added, “[He] Does look irresistible with the wings, not gonna lie, happy Valentine’s good peeps@ Tyson 2.0“.

In a similar tone, one said, “Here he is.. lovely Mike“.

Finally, one wrote, “My cupid“.

In short, the fans were happy as Tyson metamorphosed into Cupid on Valentine’s Day. In this context, it should also be mentioned that Tyson 2.0 products are now also available in Thailand. To learn more about the products, you may visit the official website of Tyson 2.0.


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