Teofimo Lopez convinced he’ll eventually get Terence Crawford fight

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Teofimo Lopez insists he’s still intent on making a fight against Terence Crawford, and all the noise coming from Keyshawn Davis and Shakur Stevenson is just a distraction because they don’t want him to fight what he calls ‘their mack daddy.’ Check out some of what Lopez had to say below.

“They don’t want to fight. Same thing with this kid Keyshawn Davis they talking about. He just wants an easy route to become famous.

So big-headed, completely big-headed, hasn’t done anything in the sport of boxing, doesn’t even have a world title. Those little belts that he has, I got those the first year I turned pro…I became a world champion at 22 years young.

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Teofimo Lopez reveals he’s serious about a fight against Terrence Crawford  and calls him out to Adam C


“It’s all clout. They don’t want me to fight their big boy. They don’t want me to fight their mack daddy who is Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford. He’s the mack daddy of all those guys. And when I said I’ll fight (Crawford) at a catchweight, he knows what I meant by that because I been saying it to everybody prior…between 147 and 154 I’ll fight you. But he says ‘go back to the drawing board.’ That man don’t want no part of me, man.

“Crawford is the only reason I came back, anyways. I get that triple crown…we probably gonna fight next year or the end of this year, but he gonna have to take it.”


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