“He Can Not Hit Hard”: Ryan Garcia Claims That Gervonta Davis Has No Power

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Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis met in one of the biggest fights of the year in 2023, and while ‘King Ry’ may have been stopped in the bout, he now says that ‘Tank’ does not have any power.

Garcia and Davis fought at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in a huge PPV showdown last April, and after months of build-up, it was ‘Tank’ who was victorious, earning the stoppage in the seventh round to hand Garcia his first professional defeat.

‘King Ry’ was dropped twice in the bout, once to the head and once to the body, with the body shot proving to be the finishing blow as he was unable to get up before the referee reached the count of ten.

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Gervonta Davis; Ryan Garcia

Although he may have been beaten inside the distance by Davis, who has won 27 of his 29 fights by knockout, Garcia still doesn’t believe that his rival has power, telling Jack Alter that it’s his accuracy that was the key difference.

“He can not hit hard I’m telling you. It’s his accuracy. The punches that you don’t see are the ones that hurt you. Not the ones that you do see.

“There are some people that even if you see it, that sh*t hurts. He’s not like that. He’s what he is, he’s an accurate sniper. He’s a sniper.”

Garcia returned to winning ways in December with a knockout win over Oscar Duarte, and now turns his attention to a huge clash with WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney in April, and the back and forth between those two men has already begun.


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