Gervonta Davis Is the “Ultimate Grudge Match” for Devin Haney – Bill Haney

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Why hasn’t the boxing world seen Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis in the ring together yet? 

Bill Haney drops a bombshell on The MMA Hour, hinting at an “ultimate grudge match” brewing beneath the surface. Oddly, despite their paths almost crossing in the past, something always stops the fight from finalizing.

Is it fear, money, or something more peculiar? Bill speaks up. With a history of near-misses and heated exchanges, this potential showdown is shrouded in intrigue. What’s really holding back the clash of these titans?

Tank is scared to death': Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis trade words - Bad  Left Hook

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Bill Haney didn’t mince words about the anticipated fight between Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis“I mean, the ultimate grudge match is Tank himself,” he declared. According to Bill, the boxing community has begun to question the delay, pushing for clarity and action. “I know that you guys, the leading professionals in the industry, have now started to say, okay, what’s the problem then? And I love it,” he shared.

Furthermore, Bill Haney dismissed the usual barriers cited for not finalizing the fight. “They’re running out of excuses about the money and the popularity and all these other things,” he confidently stated. Bill conveyed how the ongoing situation has affected him. “I told him, you got to deal with him now or you’re going to deal with him later,” he recounted, signaling a warning or perhaps a prophecy about the inevitable clash.

His tone then shifted to a lighter note, revealing the positive impact of his son’s success on their lives. “My suits are getting more nicer, I’m smiling more better, and I don’t look like I’m going nowhere,” he said. Bill Haney’s words on The MMA Hour serve as a powerful statement of intent and a call to action for Gervonta Davis’ camp.

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In the same interview, he listed how the Saudis wanted to make this fight happen.

Bill Haney revealed the lengths to which negotiations had gone, involving none other than Saudi Arabia’s royal advisor, Turki Alalshikh. “Well, we got it close enough that his excellency Turki Alalshikh came on board,” Haney disclosed. The negotiations took a peculiar turn when “Tank suggested that he be given or sent some couple Ferraris,” a demand that seemed to test the limits of generosity.

Bill Haney recounted, “Turki Alalshikh himself said that he would only be sending gloves to the Tank Davis team.” This stark refusal marked the collapse of talks, with the fight’s fate sealed by unmet extravagant demands. Devin is now set to face Ryan Garcia on April 20, 2024. Whereas Davis hasn’t found an opponent yet.


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