“It Kicked My A For Months!”: Claressa Shields Gives Harsh Reality Check in Response to Fan’s Striking Question

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As Claressa Shields gears up for her upcoming MMA match againstKelsey DeSantis on February 24th, the 28-year-old athlete bares the challenges she faced in the past year, including a battle with depression.

The two-time undisputed boxer, who signed with the PFL in August, candidly shared a revealing photo from December 2023, showcasing the toll her mental health took on her physique.

In her own words, Shields admitted, “Y’all I had let myself go for months. Not eating healthy, fighting depression, hormonal issues, not drinking my water & not working out.” Despite this tough period, she emphasized her resilience and the transformation she underwent. Shields attributed her drastic change to faith, expressing gratitude, and trying to inspire her fans by overcoming adversity. However, when one fan questioned God’s hand in her transformation. Shields made sure to let them know.

Claressa Sheilds


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In reaction to Claressa Shields’s gratitude-filled message, one fan remarked, “But with god…and a load of money and time, nutritionists, meal plans, and a huge team behind you! No?” The fan claimed that it was only because of the financial support she had that she could afford the other things and not God.

She candidly shared her own struggles, recounting moments when she couldn’t muster the strength to get out of bed or perform basic tasks like answering phone calls or taking a shower. Claressa Shields responded to the fan with empathy, emphasizing, “Depression does not care about the amount of money, success, meal plans, or a team.” Her openness shed light on the universal nature of mental health challenges, transcending external circumstances.

Moreover, she pointed out how she took the steps to improve herself. She stated, “I’d drag myself to church & just sit there and cry! No shame! But in my darkness, I got closer to God! He pulled me out!”

She credited God for helping her get back on her feet, acknowledging the role of faith in restoring her strength. Bolstered by this unwavering belief, she stands poised to secure yet another MMA victory.

In her return to the MMA scene, Claressa Shields faces off against Kelsey DeSantis, aiming to showcase her fighting prowess and add another victory to her 1-1 record. Transitioning from boxing to mixed martial arts, Shields harbors dreams of contending for an MMA world title.

Expressing her confidence, Shields stated, “I believe in a year or two I will be fighting for a world title.” Her primary goal is to demonstrate that boxers can excel in MMA and she is aspiring to become a PFL world champion. As we witness Shields’ remarkable evolution, it raises questions about the broader topic of combat sports athletes addressing mental health issues publicly.

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