Everything To Know About Tiger Woods’ Former Wife Elin Nordegren

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Elin Nordegren is a model from Sweden who was married to Tiger Woods for six years before the couple decided to get divorced in 2010. She decided after Woods was found having multiple affairs and currently, the pair is co-parenting their two children. Elin has a daughter and son with Woods named Sam Alexis and Charlie Woods. Out of these two, Sam never took an interest in taking up golf as a career but Charlie did.

As a part of co-parenting, Woods and Elin had to keep their friendship alive and as per a source, the 15-time major champ never complained about his ex-wife and enjoys their existing bond. Elin not only saw divorce in her relationship with Tiger but also saw another split as a child. When she was only seven years old, her parents got divorced. Despite their separation, she got to spend quality time with both her parents and that helped her reach a decision where she would rather give a better environment to her children after divorce than stay in an unfaithful marriage.

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“I think it is better for the children that the parents split up. I am now going to do my very best to show them that alone and happy is better than being in a relationship where there is no trust. I want to show my kids what my parents showed me as a child,” Apart from her personal life, let’s take a look at her career.

Elin Nordegren took up modeling projects before meeting Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife was a swimsuit model in her teens and a nanny in her 20s.

“I did some modeling when I was younger. I was never very successful at it, and I didn’t intend to pursue it. It is flattering to be called a model, but I hardly think a few shoots in my teenage years make me a model,” Nordegren said.

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Then Elin Nordegren was also a nanny for the golfer’s children and she later planned on studying psychology. After her divorce, focusing on her psychology degree became an important aspect of getting over the separation. She took nine years to finish the course at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, with a 3.96 GPA.

“Education has been the only consistent part of my life the last nine years. And it has offered me comfort. Education is one thing that no one can take away from you…If I can inspire even one mom to go back and get her degree with the message that it’s never too late, then I am happy.”

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It has been reported that Elin Nordegren settled for a $100 million divorce amount from Tiger Woods but initially, she was supposed to receive around $750 million. But she chose peace over money and went for an early settlement with the 82-time PGA Tour champ. The divorce and cheating scandals were already a lot to bear in 2009 and finally, through a split, she got her sanity back. As of now, both have moved on in their lives and dated other people after the divorce

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