‘Double knockout’ ending teased for Anthony Joshua’s fight with….

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‘Double knockout’ ending teased for Anthony Joshua’s fight with Francis Ngannou

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou will face off in the ring next Friday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for the chance to earn an undisputed world title shot.

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou have filmed a ‘double knockout’ ending for their fight. The pair were filming a trailer for their heavyweight showdown, which ended in both of them knocking each other out. The bout takes place in Saudi Arabia this month.

Joshua, a former two-time heavyweight world champion, will face UFC icon Ngannou next Friday in Riyadh. The winner will get the chance to compete for an undisputed world title. This will be Ngannou’s second professional boxing match after he knocked down Tyson Fury in his debut last October but lost in a controversial decision.

The promotional video for their fight, inspired by Street Fighter, is being called ‘Knockout Chaos’. It shows the two fighters going head-to-head in various cities, before they both knock each other out in the ring. The words ‘Game Over’ then appear on the screen.

Fans loved the trailer, with one saying: “That might be the coolest fight promo I’ve ever seen. A second user added: “Thoughts on the double KO ending? I guess it was chaotic.”

A final comment read: “This may be the best promo for a fight I’ve ever seen. Also I’m so hyped for this fight! This is going to be a good one for sure.”

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The promotion for the fight is at an all-time high, with its own game where fans can play as either Joshua or Ngannou and try to knock each other out. Joshua has said that his fight against Ngannou is one of the toughest challenges of his career, while the former UFC champion seemed surprised by his rival’s attitude.

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“Anthony Joshua never trash talks, his personality is more serious unlike Tyson Fury who is more like a playboy. I think when it comes to fighting, they both know how to fight and that’s what I’m focused on. He might have been nervous but that doesn’t mean anything,” Ngannou told Mirror Fighting.

“In fact I think being nervous means he is taking things very serious. It’s very important because he’s going to do his best to show up on the day with everything.”

Ngannou also refused to look too deeply into Joshua’s refusal of a knockout prediction. He added: “Refusing to say doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want it. I think that he’s just being sceptic.”

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Joshua, meanwhile, told BBC Sport: “He gave Fury an unbelievable fight. I thought ‘hang on a minute here’. The fight was not something I was looking at straight away, but that’s someone who is going to cause a bit of chaos in the heavyweight division.”

Joshua continued: “In three years of coming into boxing I became Olympic champion. In three years as a professional I became a world champion. You don’t have to have a whole heap of experience.”

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