Last Person to Fight Mike Tyson Reveals Only Way Jake Paul Can Beat ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’

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Only if there was a specific way to defeat Mike Tyson, many of his vanquished opponents could have stood a chance. Lucky for Jake Paul, who will fight Tyson on July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Roy Jones Jr. has got his back. Having faced Tyson back in 2020 in an exhibition bout, ‘Captain Hook’ has firsthand experience of being on the wrong end of Tyson’s punches.

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So, while appearing in an interview with Shane Mosley, who has trained Jake Paul for the AnEsonGib fight, Jones Jr. revealed the only way Jake Paul could win. Quick note: Mosley recently revealed ‘The Problem Child’ has bulked up, weighing in at 230-pounds, compared to Tyson’s 220-pounds in the last fight. Despite that, the weight is not the only difference maker, according to Jones.

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Speaking to Jones, Mosley quickly asked for Jones’ prediction for the fight. In response, the former world champion said, “[I will tell you] what happens [if] they fight a real fight? And [if] Mike is in shape like he got in shape for me, [it’s] gonna be very problematic for Jake Paul.” However, Jones believes the opposite could also happen, especially since Paul is 230-pounds.

Considering the possibility that Tyson doesn’t show up in shape, Jones said, “[If] Jake’s 230 and Jake knows how to push him back and not get caught, those big shots early Jake can win the fight.” At the same time, Jones suggested everything depends upon how Tyson is preparing for the fight.

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Revealing, “I don’t really know what’s happening. I’ve seen small clips of Mike,” but if Tyson is sparring and is busy getting in shape, Paul might not have a good time because per Jones’ experience fighting Tyson, “He’s very hard to hit,” said Jones. While Jones has etched the things Paul needs to do to win, Mike Tyson had predicted the outcome long before signing the deal.

Tyson predicted a win against Jake Paul two years ago!

Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Is a No-Win Situation For Both Fighters

According to an 8 March 2024 report from Ben Davies of talkSport, Tyson didn’t just see the fight against Paul coming, he was confident about winning it. “It will be so f***ing easy,” Tyson had said when asked about a potential showdown with Paul two years before. It’s also worth mentioning that Tyson has spoken highly about Paul’s rise in the sport and his skills.

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However, “[Jake’s] punches you can see coming a mile away, you can see that coming a mile away. I’m 55, I can see that coming a mile away,” Tyson added. He even suggested that he would beat “these f***ers [Jake and Logan Paul]” with ease, and there wouldn’t be any need for boxing. The only thing Tyson said he would need is 30 straight days of training, and with that, he wouldn’t even have to focus on his diet.

Even though Jake Paul has climbed up to 230-pounds, Roy Jones Jr. believes it would take more to beat Mike Tyson in a fight. However, there will be a 30-year age difference when the fight does happen, so everyone will have to wait to see whether Jones’ prediction holds ground. Do you think Paul can beat Tyson?


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