Madrid Open: Rafael Nadal Grabs Phone From a Fan to Take Selfie but Horribly Fails in Hysterical Scenes – WATCH

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The arena in Madrid experienced a completely different level of enthusiasm as soon as Rafael Nadal entered. Stepping in for his showdown against Alex De Minaur, the Spaniard was welcomed with loud cheers of his name echoing around the stadium, creating an experience like never before. As he decided to surprise the fans by spending some moments with them, he took a moment to guide an older fan to take a selfie.

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After securing a remarkable victory over the Aussie, the Spaniard took a turn on his way out of the court. Moving toward the stands where the fans were going crazy to earn a moment from their favorite tennis star, Rafa stopped there and started greeting the fans by clicking pictures and signing balls for the budding enthusiasts.

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Amid the adorable moments of fan interaction, an aged fan struggled to access the camera application on his phone. While he seemed to be in a hurry to make sure that he didn’t miss the opportunity, the Spaniard raised a positive gesture by borrowing his device and started swiping around to locate the camera app. The fan, lucky enough to grab this moment with the Spaniard, missed a chance for the selfie as Rafa himself failed to access the camera in his device!

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However, another fan showed up in support to offer his phone and therefore the King of Clay finally clicked a selfie with him. Rafa’s recent victory over Alex De Minaur not only helped him gain more stability in the game but also gave signs of a returning dominance. The tennis star showed no mercy on his chance to seek revenge against the Aussie, hitting him down with a final scoreline of 7-6, 6-3.

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As the Spaniard now looks forward to his upcoming showdown against Pedro Cachin, it is sure that the fans will be getting to grab more such moments with the star.

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The excitement levels to witness Rafael Nadal’s dominance extended beyond the audience present in the arena during the match. Sitting miles apart from him, Rafa’s die-hard fan and famous Hollywood celebrity Ben Stiller came forward with a comment to express his excitement behind Rafa’s rise.


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