Watch: Irritated Mike Tyson Switches Into “Fight Mode” on Talk Show, Fans Rejoice at the Expense of a Scared Host

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In his prime, he was ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’. He waded through triumphs and defeats, but Mike Tyson still managed to send chills down the backs of many boxers once he got into his mean fighting mode. As it was bound to happen with anyone, that fearsome reputation and imagery of ‘Iron’ Mike finally succumbed to the generous vestiges of memories once he hung the gloves.

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After a gap of three years, ‘Mike Tyson will once again enter the ring on July 20. He will face Jake Paul for a reported all-rules exhibition bout. Understandably, a lot of fans want him to bash on and give a beatdown to the YouTuber-turned-boxer. For that, they would love to see him assume the old, aggressive combat posture. Thankfully, their wait didn’t last long. The former heavyweight champion gave then a glimpse of what he used to be and what he is capable of, though innocuously, while visiting a talk show’s studio.

Mike Tyson video elicits jokes, concern, praise ahead of Jake Paul bout

Mike Tyson shared the sequence of events as they unfolded in an Instagram post. He wrote, “The @damonelliottshow needs air conditioning.” He was at ‘The Damon Elliott’ show. It’s difficult to decide whether it was all in jest or whether Tyson was genuinely serious. However, right from the time the show began, the former world champion perhaps felt that the air flow in the studio was a bit stifling.

Some ten minutes into the show, the duo were discussing clothing options. Then suddenly, observing Tyson closely, Damon Elliott asked whether he faced any problems with the lapel mic. Tyson replied that it didn’t bother him. However, with that, he stood up and quickly got rid of his tee. Elliott and others could barely control their laughter. Tyson said, “I have to do I have to do this because I’m hot.

Finally, an assistant had to rush in to tape in back on Mike Tyson’s right collar. However, it only left the bare-chested former champion perplexed. “You put my put a bird on my shoulder,” he said, while the host burst out laughing.

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The entire act of coming across a mildly annoyed Mike Tyson only ended up endearing him to scores of fans and followers. Many lined up to share their thoughts and views, revealing how they had been waiting for such a long time to catch sight of the mean and hungry Mike Tyson of a bygone era.

Take, for instance, this user. Stating that he preferred Mike Tyson the way he appeared in the clip, he was vexed and in great fighting mode. “I like Mike like this. He’s irritable. He’s in fight mode,” the user said. The next one also believes that the deadly Mike Tyson of the past has returned, whose mere stare has frightened scores of boxers. “He’s starting to scare people; Mike is back,” they stated.

Who's Allowing Mike Tyson to Fight Jake Paul?

Continuing with a similar emotion, this follower expressed their wish that they would want Jake Paul to face Mike Tyson, who was once ‘Iron’ Mike and ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet.’ They wrote, “So glad to see Mike off his meds for this fight! I want Jake Paul to meet Kid Dynamite, Iron Mike, The Baddest Man on the Planet.

Saying that men like Mike Tyson are no longer born, this user felt that perhaps the former heavyweight champion appeared much younger and fitter for his age: “Mike looking even younger now; he’s fit asf  they don’t make guys like this no more!

Then this one felt that probably Mike Tyson is pulling off from Ryan Garcia‘s playbook of tomfoolery that will keep everyone confused and guessing. “So the Ryan Garcia’s strategy goes viral now; let’s be all crazy to promote,” they said.

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Many fans and experts have expressed concerns over the apparent age difference between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul. However, after coming across his latest training videos, some feel that the former heavyweight champion still has that old dash enough to douse the spirits of his much younger opponent.

Tyson fought a non-descript exhibition soon after he retired from professional boxing. After that, it took nearly fourteen years for him to get back into the ring. In November 2020, he faced Roy Jones Jr. for an eight-round exhibition match. So in a lot of ways, it is not only age that he is fighting against. He is squaring up against a boxer who has been relentlessly active. Hence, it will be interesting to see the game plan Tyson brings to the issues facing his comeback.

What’s your take on the reactions? Do you agree with Mike Tyson’s old ‘fight mode’ vibe? Please share your views with us in the comments below.


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