Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight rules spark criticism

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The bout will be sanctioned as a professional fight

Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren and fans have criticized the fight rules set for the highly-anticipated clash between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, slated for July 20 at the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Despite Tyson being 58 years old and Paul being a social media star rather than a seasoned boxer, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations has confirmed that the bout will be sanctioned as a professional fight.

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This decision has raised eyebrows, especially considering the significant 31-year age gap between the two fighters. The heavyweight showdown is scheduled to consist of eight rounds, each lasting two minutes, with both Tyson and Paul donning 14-ounce gloves. The fighters will forego headgear, a departure from typical safety precautions in professional boxing.

Former world champion boxer Timothy Bradley predicts Mike Tyson will knock  out Jake Paul in upcoming bout | Fox News

As this is a professional contest, knockouts are permitted, and the outcome will be reflected on the fighters’ professional boxing records. However, Warren, among others, has voiced discontent with the decision to elevate Paul’s exhibition-style bout with Tyson to a professional level.

“I’m a big fan of Jake Paul as a promoter and his business partner Nakisa [Bidarian],” he told talkSPORT.

“They’re very smart operators and they obviously see this is fight will generate public interest and money.

“But let’s get it right, Mike Tyson is 58 years of age and he shouldn’t be fighting. It’s as simple as that. If it was an exhibition, you’d get half away with that, but the fact that Texas have licensed the 58-year-old to fight.

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“What does anybody need to say about that? Anyone with an ounce of brains knows that it is ridiculous.

“Let’s get it right, you can be on a motorway stuck in a traffic jam and you get to the end of it. All it is, is people who have stopped to look at a crash and that’s what this is.

“What will happen for one round is you’re going to get vintage Mike Tyson, he’ll come out throwing bombs for one round and then it’ll be a 58-year-old guy in the ring with a younger fella.”

Former world champion boxer Timothy Bradley predicts Mike Tyson will knock  out Jake Paul in upcoming bout | Fox News

Fan reaction

The announcement of the fight rules has sparked debate among boxing fans, with many expressing concern over the implications of sanctioning such an unconventional matchup as a professional bout.

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“Nobody wins,” a fan wrote. “Its a LOSE-LOSE-LOSE everyone Mike Tyson, Jake Paul and fight fans around the world.”

Another added: “Disgraceful that from the commission letting someone fight with an 30 year age difference.”

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