New Update: ‘I was wrong’ – Mike Tyson FaceTimed Logan Paul and made shock confession after predicting he would get beaten up in Floyd Mayweather fight

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The You Tuber shocked many, including Tyson, when he went the distance with 50-0 boxing legend in their much-hyped exhibition in 2021.

Before the fight, Tyson, who is now set to face Logan’s brother Jake Paul on July 20, appeared on Logan’s podcast and told him to his face that May weather would ‘kick his ass’.

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As the You Tuber survived all eight rounds though, the boxing legend admitted his prediction was way off.

Tyson told Paul on FaceTime after the bout: “You kicked that n***a ass, I was wrong, I was wrong, you kicked ass.

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“You kicked ass, there’s no doubt about it, you kicked ass.”

Paul replied: “I love you Mike.”

To which Tyson added: “I’m proud of you n***a, I’m proud of you.”

Later in the conversation, Paul said: “He was quick Mike, he was fast.”

Tyson replied: “He wasn’t that fast, you got him with those punches.”

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Tyson was genuinely surprised by the display from the YouTuber against the boxing legend, which may lead some people to thinking it’s a surprise he’s agreed to take on Jake.

However, Tyson made it clear in other comments about Logan’s fight with Mayweather that he saw Floyd’s weight disadvantage as his undoing.

In contract, Tyson will have a natural size advantage over Jake.

“I think Floyd should keep on trying,” Tyson said, “I don’t think he should fight a f***ing cruiserweight.

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“I think he should continue fighting guys his own weight. What the f*** is he doing? Fight [Manny] Pacquiao again or something, keep in shape.

“It was harder than Floyd anticipated, I believe.

“Was he boxing a cruiserweight? How did he train for this, with experience?

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“I believe when [Logan] was hitting him, he was hurting him a little bit because he’s not a 160-pound guy. [Logan is] a 190-pounder. I think that’s a heavyweight. 190-pounds to me is a heavyweight.

“I think Mayweather can learn from this one, fight guys more in his own category as far as weight is concerned.

“I think he’d make more money if he fought Pacquiao again. Floyd didn’t make the guy chase him. You make the big guy chase you.

“He needs to fight a guy at more of his weight division, 155-pounds or 160-pounds.”


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