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Haim Gozali, an Israeli MMA fighter, shared a video of himself hiding from an assassination attempt in Ukraine. 

Gozali posted the video on June 2, showing himself hiding on a hotel rooftop. The Jerusalem Post states that Gozali was staying there with his son, Elad, and his coach, Ben El Hasid. All of them escaped the area with the help of local police. They had been in Ukraine for a competition near the border with Romania. Shortly after they arrived at the hotel, Gozali then claims that the authorities deported him immediately to cover up the incident.

“The police tried to silence the incident and did not allow us to stay in the country. We were immediately deported. Since the beginning of the war, over 100 propaganda videos were made about me in the Muslim world. Many of them are [MMA] fighters, so they’d know when I’m participating in the same competition as them,” Gozali stated

Elsewhere, UFC middleweight Sedriques Dumas’ domestic violence charges have been dropped. According to reports, Dumas was arrested on one count of battery relating to an incident from February 13. It is claimed Dumas slapped the mother of his child. Dumas had been streaming his interaction with the police on Facebook before his arrest. It was his 13th arrest since 2014.

Dumas maintained his innocence, pleading not guilty to the charges. He was in jail for 16 days, which disrupted his camp for the Nursulton Ruziboev fight on March 30. Dumas would lose via a first-round TKO. Nevertheless, that fight ended in controversy.

Before the actual stoppage, Ruziboev appeared to poke Dumas in the eye, which had hindered him. While the result still stands, there is an argument that it should be a no-contest. Since then, the UFC has introduced new gloves to prevent this from happening. But Leon Edwards’ fight with Belal Muhammad showed that results can become no contest. Justin Gaethje was very critical of the glove design.

“Too bad UFC don’t want to change those.. gloves…These gloves force you into a bad position when your hand is relaxed. They cut the circulation off to the fingers. They put so much pressure on the hand between the fingers,” Justin Gaethje stated

Dumbe’s next fight will take place on July 13 after the state prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss the charges on June 4. Now, he has been cleared, much to his relief.

“All my charges have been dropped on the DV case…everybody. They call me a woman beater to my BM and everything else and thank you to my lawyer Greg Whibbs one of the best lawyer that I have on my team and will always be on my team. Thank you Allah [God],” Dumas stated

It is vital that Dumbe keeps himself on the right side of the law. The numerous arrests show a lack of discipline outside the Octagon. But if he can prepare himself for his next fight, his chances of coming out on top will only increase.

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