The Floyd Mayweather and Canelo judge who ‘should be jailed’

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One judge overseeing the most controversial Floyd Mayweather fight of all time has faced considerable criticism.

The sanctioned official, who oversaw a shocking scorecard involving Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez, faced an explosive claim from a former Mike Tyson coach. Teddy Atlas says the scorer in question should be in jail for the verdict they handed in. The trainer and podcaster made the statement while taping his “The Fight with Teddy Atlas” series, which has proven successful.

Talking about Canelo in general, Atlas blasted the former pound-for-pound king. But his comments against CJ Ross, who scored Mayweather vs Canelo a draw in 2013, caught the eye.

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“Canelo has always been overrated,” pointed out Atlas in his unique outspoken manner. “That doesn’t mean he is not a real good fighter, but he is not the greatest Mexican fighter of all time.

“He is not the greatest Mexican fighter. He is overrated, and he probably lost to [Erislandy] Lara. But he also lost twice to GGG. I know it’s old news. It is old history. But he lost the first two [against Golovkin], especially the first one. He lost to Mayweather, every round, except for with that judge [CJ Ross] who should be in jail.”

World Boxing News spoke exclusively to Ross after she retired from the sport after two controversies. The first one was the Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao fiasco in 2012. She then followed it up with Mayweather vs Canelo months later.

Both scoring disasters were enough to put the final nails in her ringside boxing career. Ross told WBN: “People don’t understand that all three judges could have ended any fight and, as a result, have the same score. Let’s say 116-112.

“But if you look at the commission’s score sheet, you would likely see they arrived at those scores by different rounds.

Floyd Mayweather

On the criticism she received, Ross added: “I have to consider the source. Unless the critic was sitting in my seat viewing the fight from the angles I had and could feel or see the power and the flat and missed punches that are not seen by a camera, it’s not real criticism.

Addressing the Pacquiao score, the official stated: “In the Bradley vs Pacquiao fight, I was in the majority of the three judges for twelve out of the twelve rounds.

“So I would say that has to be the standout fight for me. But they have all been memorable. I especially enjoyed the undercard fights. They are often more competitive and challenging to judge.”

Atlas may have been a bit strong in his wording. However, the consensus is Ross made the correct decision to walk away for good. – If you use these WBN quotes, please link back to the source:

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