Floyd Mayweather Says Fighter Is ‘Stealing Money’: “I Can’t Knock His Hustle”

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Floyd Mayweather can spot a money-maker when he sees one.

Pound-for-pound superstar and defensive master Mayweather was one of the most lucrative fighters on the planet, featuring in five of the top ten biggest pay-per-view in the sport of boxing.

Since hanging up the gloves after scoring his 50th win over Conor McGregor, the 47-year-old has continued to earn from the sport by travelling the world and staging exhibitions with mixed results for fans.

Another American earning considerably from boxing is one Jake Paul, who stormed the scene as an influencer fighter but has since claimed he wants to be a legitimate world champion.

 Floyd Mayweather

Despite two fights against what fans would call proper boxers, Paul has recently swung back more towards the entertainment side by announcing a bout with Mike Tyson.

From one money man to another, Mayweather gave props to him for it when asked by the Come and Talk 2 Me show.

“I mean, what he’s doing is kinda cool. If he can continue to steal money and they match him the way they match him, I can’t knock his hustle. If they match him how they been matching him, more power to him.”

Floyd Mayweather

Paul-Tyson is a professionally sanctioned bout, although both fighters will wear 14-ounce gloves and it will be contested over eight two-minutes rounds.

The Netflix-streamed event has received criticism, particularly due to Tyson’s advancing years. The heavyweight legend last fought professionally in 2005 – a stoppage loss to Kevin McBride.

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