Ray J opens up about rift with Floyd Mayweather over the same love interest

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Singer Ray J made a confession about a love triangle drama he had with Floyd Mayweather a decade ago

It’s been a decade since singer Ray J and retored boxer Floyd Mayweather had a falling out over a shared love interest. At the time when Ray J really started dating Princess Love Norwood, Floyd famously dated the celebrity before his friend. In the end, Ray J married Princess Love but he is currently estranged from her. Recently, the TV personality appeared on the Shannon Sharpe show to talk about personal stuff and got around to discussing his falling out with Floyd. Right now, Ray J is no longer friends with Mayweather and he is not in speaking terms with his wife. Although he did make a plea for someday fixing his relationship with the former boxer.

Floyd Mayweather

Ray J got married to Floyd Mayweather’s interest

The entire event took place a decade ago and none of them have spoken since. Ray J sat down with Sharpe to talk about his career and that’s when he got a little emotional speaing about his falling out with Mayweather. Also, he left an open door for a potential reconciliation. He said: “It was weird because I really liked her and she was still kind of like in a situation with P.B. Because I loved her. He [Floyd Mayweather] didn’t love her. I’ve seen him out and it’s all love. I don’t have any issues and he doesn’t either. But our friendship is not there no more. Not that he gives a f*ck. I got nothing but love for [Floyd Mayweather], and that’s so long ago, I’m sure he’s good now.”

This is a love triangle situation that happens in regular life more often than one thinks, it’s been happening for a long time. Friendships can be destroyed for love while relationships get stronger because of the same reason. Meanwhile, Princess Love is living a great career in television and enjoying life without her estranged husband. She is truly a star of reality TV shows and other series from various streaming services. It remains to be seen if this friendship will ever go back to good terms, only time will tell.

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