“You Fked Up”: Jake Paul Fumes Over Mike Tyson’s “Nate Diaz Type” Trash-Talk and More

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Jake Paul didn’t like what Mike Tyson had to say about their new fight date.

The two, initially scheduled to fight on July 20 at the AT&T Stadium, now look forward to November 15. While there is enough time for the two to train and gear up, ‘Iron Mike’ is not shying away from verbal jabs on social media. But it didn’t sit well with the American influencer.

Tyson, 57, had shared the new poster along with the new date on his Instagram handle. The fight has been pushed to November due to the former heavyweight champion suffering from an ulcer flare as he flew from Miami to Los Angeles. Despite the fans’ concerns and protests, Tyson was committed to the fight and even wrote, “New date for Jake’s wake.”

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Paul, 27, then shared this unusual trash-talking attempt by Tyson and compared it with his last rival, Nate Diaz. The former UFC fighter hd created the buzz for their fight last August but failed to replicate the same in the boxing ring. The influencer-turned-boxer believed a similar fate awaited ‘Kid Dynamite’. He wrote, “Is he the definition of all talk? cause it seems like it… this Nate Diaz type of sh*t talk (meaningless).”

Following this, the Cleveland native mocked Tyson’s growing age, who will be 58 this June 30. Moreover, he explained that Tyson had spoiled his plans, which caused an outburst. Paul added. “Take ur time sir (not tht you have much of it). This a*s whopping has patience. Main reason I’m mad is because you f*cked up my St Barths plans.”

Lastly, Paul, at 9-1, asked Tyson’s social media team to deliver his messages to him. He declared, “And I know you don’t use your socials so to Tyson’s team y’all are some h*es too and deliver my message for me.” Previously, Paul had also made his desire public to knockout ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’. But it seemed Tyson also harbored similar intentions.

Tyson, who last fought a professional fight in 2005, admitted he would resume training shortly. In an official statement, he extended his thanks to the medical staff that treated him and to MVP and Netflix for rearranging the arena for an alternative date. The 50-6 record holder then disclosed how he saw the fight’s outcome. He declared, “While we have a new date, the result will be the same no matter when we fight. Jake Paul is getting knocked out.”

Notably, the Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano rematch also remains on the rescheduled card as the co-main event. The two will fight it out once again, with the undisputed junior welterweight championship on the line. It remains to be seen how Tyson’s health and growing age affect the fight. The fans will also be excited to witness whether Serrano will have her redemption.

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