Antonio Tarver


For several years, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have circled one another. They’re both gigantic men, are elite-level fighters, and they just so happen to be incredibly popular, especially in the UK.

The two have discussed a possible showdown in the past but for whatever reason, those talks have gone absolutely nowhere. Neither man has decided to rip off their boxing trunks and throw their gloves to the side, however. Meaning, there’s still a chance that they can eventually get it on.

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At this point, fantasizing and drooling over a possible matchup doesn’t make a ton of sense. Joshua has a gigantic, yet inexperienced, man in front of him named Francis Ngannou. Normally, a former UFC fighter turned newbie boxer wouldn’t be much of a threat but Joshua watched as Ngannou dropped Fury and nearly pulled off the upset in 2023.

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So while Joshua continues to put in the work, Fury is doing the same. Roughly a month prior to Joshua jumping back into the ring, Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will square off.

Joshua is a heavy favorite but Fury is only being given the slight betting edge. Antonio Tarver doesn’t care too much for the opinions of oddsmakers. He does expect Joshua to get it done against Ngannou but he isn’t entirely sure how Fury vs. Usyk will play out.

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The former multi-time champ wouldn’t go into the X’s and O’s recently. Instead, he spent some time looking ahead. If Joshua and Fury take care of business, the pragmatic move would be to face each other.

Tarver though, doesn’t like that idea. Sure they can make loads of cash for it, but for Tarver, the boxing world shouldn’t be interested.

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“I think if Fury beats Usyk, he don’t got no reason to fight AJ,” explained Tarver in a self-recorded video. “There’s no need.”