Wilder disregards Parker’s defeat and offers a reason behind the result.

Deontay Wilder has blamed travel as one of the reasons behind his surprising loss to Joseph Parker last year.

The American suffered a shock loss to Parker at December’s Day of Reckoning event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, thanks to a unanimous decision by the judges.

Deontay Wilder would take Oleksandr Usyk fight next 'in a heartbeat', says manager Shelly Finkel | Boxing News | Sky Sports

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The 38-year-old has repeatedly dismissed the loss and in a new interview with Seckbach the former WBC Heavyweight Champion has blamed the amount time he spent travelling in training as a reason for his performance in the fight.

Wilder said: “It was a boring fight, nothing really happened. I went right back to training the next day. He really didn’t do nothing, they just went off the little flurries or whatever. In the training for that I had to travel two times, 20 hours of travelling. And those guys were already in Europe, they were only 2/3 hours away. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying what I had to go through.



It is not just the Chiefs who won big last night. Boxing’s very own, Floyd Mayweather leveraged the Super Bowl to get richer.

While the country remains hungover from the lethal showdown that went down at the Allegiant Stadium of Las Vegas, Mayweather dropped some major bucks in bets on the Chiefs.

Last night, the big bastions of the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers faced off in a widely celebrated confrontation. For the Chiefs, it remained their fourth seasonal finale in the last five years. For the 49ers, the underdog, it was their golden chance to victory, a proposition that last came true in 1994. Banking on these chances, Mayweather came unabashedly in support of the Chiefs. His incentive? A massive $200,000 profit.

On his Instagram stories, ‘Money’ told the world that his allegiance for last night’s, Super Bowl game, lay with the Chiefs. He did so by dropping about $95,000 on the Chiefs via the Betify betting platform. In return, when the Chiefs dragged their feet beyond the victory line, he earned double his investment, a staggering $200,000.

Floyd Mayweather

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The bookmaking platform also shared the details of this impressive transaction on its Instagram page. Along with a picture of the boxer and a screengrab of its receipts, the platform’s social media post was captioned, “Little bet from the king, get the money.”

Betify, which notes in its bio, “Betting & Casino Playground chosen by @FloydMayweather” has a flagship partnership with the 50-0 boxer, that dates back to last August when the news of their association was relayed to the world. For multiple, international sporting events, Mayweather has led the way in promoting the platform by encouraging his fanbase to follow his suit and earn big bills.

This year’s Super Bowl has been important for the 46-year-old. Earlier, reports had emerged that he also dropped huge money on luxury accommodation ahead of the national favorite event.

Las Vegas, the pavilion of the Las Vegas Raiders, which for long was dropped as the venue for the Super Bowl given its history for gambling was finally roped in for the iconic night. However, to be a part of the historic night, Mayweather spent $1.3 million for a VIP Suite at the Allegiant Stadium. This year, these luxurious suites were tagged between $1.4 million and $2.5 million. On his Instagram, he shared the image of the fund transfer he made to procure the extravagant suite.

Proud of this spend, in his captions, he explained, ” don’t kiss ass and I never have to beg for nothing especially not to get a Super Bowl suite. I don’t mind accepting invites at times, but one things for sure…The person that’s paying does all the saying. Therefore I get My Own seats and suites so I can do what I want and invite who I want! I’m blessed to be taking 34 people to experience the 1st Super Bowl in Las Vegas!”

The Super Bowl was monumental in every sense, and so was Mayweather’s spending on it.


Usher, the R&B sensation, delivered a spectacular halftime show at the Super Bowl LVIII. The clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers was held at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

Donned in all-white attire and accompanied by a lively ensemble of dancers, Usher kicked off the performance with one of his iconic hits, ‘Caught Up’.

Usher also invited some features in his performance and collaborated with Will.i.am and Ludacris. However, it was his performance with Alicia Keys that grabbed attention for the wrong reasons. Their closeness during the performance drew many to insinuate more than what was. Gervonta Davis expressed concern, suggesting that Usher appeared too close to Alicia Keys during the performance. Davis emphasized that the situation might not have ended well if he were Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys’ husband.

Gervonta Davis

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As Usher immersed himself in the performance, Alicia Keys made a captivating entrance behind a vibrant red piano. She was adorned in a matching, sparkly red outfit. She mesmerized the audience with a rendition of her hit ‘If I Ain’t Got You’. The musical journey continued as Usher and Keys collaborated on their duet ‘My Boo’, creating a heartwarming moment that beautifully revisited their 2004 smash.

As the song concluded, Keys gracefully exited. However, right before his exit, Usher stood behind Keys, while the song faded out. Gervonta Davis mentioned this in his now-deleted tweet. He stated that he wouldn’t have felt comfortable if Usher had done the same with his wife.

In his post, he said, “Usher would’ve been on his way to the hospital as I write this if I was Swizz.” The now-deleted tweet and its subsequent replies were shared on Twitter by ‘BOXINGnBBQ’.

But, Davis’s comment didn’t seem to have any effect on the relationship between Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys, as he posted a wholesome post on his Instagram.

Swizz Beatz, husband of Alicia Keys, took to Instagram to share his reaction to the heartfelt duet between Keys and Usher during the Super Bowl halftime show. Addressing fan responses, and the surrounding negativity, Swizz Beatz wrote a lengthy post. In the mark of a true gentleman, he decided to celebrate his wife’s remarkable feat rather than focusing on unnecessary things.

On his Instagram post, he posted three pictures of her wife at the Super Bowl Halftime stage. In the caption, he wrote, “Y’all talking about the wrong … thing !!! y’all don’t see that amazing dress covering the entire stadium. Tonight’s performance was nothing but amazing with 2 amazing Giants! Congrats @usher and my love @aliciakeys that song is a classic 🤍 We don’t do negative vibes on this side we make history.

So, Beatz being the good husband that he is decided to celebrate his wife’s achievement and dismissed the negativity surrounding the performance. However, Davis had a different outlook than the music producer in this situation.


Floyd Mayweather never ceases to amaze. This time, it’s not about his fists, but his finances. Mayweather flaunted spending over $1 million on a Super Bowl suite. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just days before, he made a financial move that dwarfs the Super Bowl splurge.

This time, it’s not about a flamboyant purchase but a hefty tax payment of $18,047,181. Why would a retired boxer make such a payment? What could possibly motivate one of the richest athletes to flaunt such a financial obligation?

Video: 'Money' shows off ridiculous $18 million watch ahead of Sunday's  fight | Mayweather vs. Gotti III - MMAmania.com

Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram, sharing a glimpse into his financial dealings with a post that caught everyone’s attention. Once in 2015 after he fought Manny Pacquiao, he owed the IRS $22.2 million in taxes and now IRS is the part of the ‘Money May’ show. The photo featured a check, astonishingly made out to the ‘Department of Treasury – IRS’ for $18,047,181, dated February 2, 2024. This wasn’t just any payment; it was Mayweather’s tax dues, a figure that dwarfs the average earnings of even the most successful athletes.


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Alongside the image, he captioned, “Just before I paid that light million and change for that little Super Bowl stuff, I had to pay the IRS aka Uncle Sam $18,047,181. This is what I owed in taxes while I’m retired so just imagine what I was paying when I was activated.” This statement not only reveals the scale of his tax obligations but also contrasts sharply with his recent expenditure on a Super Bowl suite, where he spent over $1 million to enjoy the game with 34 friends and family.

Floyd Mayweather not so long ago opted to splash over $1 million on a Super Bowl suite, ensuring he and 34 guests witness Super Bowl LVIII in unmatched style. Mayweather’s approach to securing this experience was unapologetically bold. “I don’t kiss a** and I never have to beg for nothing especially not to get a Super Bowl suite,” he asserts, emphasizing his independence in choosing his company for the event.

Floyd Mayweather makes announcement on his future - Mirror Online

His statement, “Therefore I get My Own seats and suites so I can do what I want and invite who I want!” highlights his desire for control and exclusivity. Mayweather concluded, showcasing the scale of his investment, “I’m blessed to be taking 34 people to experience the 1st Super Bowl in Las Vegas! $1,131,000.00,” proudly showcasing the lavish expenditure for an unparalleled Super Bowl celebration.


The former UFC champion is filled with confidence ahead of his second-ever boxing fight

Francis Ngannou already had plenty of fans, but he earned a lot of appreciation and gained thousands of new fans when he made his boxing debut a few months ago.

Ngannou went toe-to-toe with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in the ring, giving the boxing behemoth one of his toughest fights ever and even knocking him down. The judges ended up favoring Fury in a decision, but many still believe Ngannou did enough to win. Of course, so does Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou claims he beat Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou

The former UFC champion, while appearing on the “High Performance Podcast”, said he believes he was robbed of the victory.

I won. Look at me now, look at my life, look at where I was when you think I lost. You think because some foolish judges make some decision, that changes anything in my life? The dream that I was in since I was kid, I was, that night, living that dream on top of the world. I was there. And for all the people that (have) been doubting me, I was there proving them wrong. I won everything.

Francis Ngannou says he will take Anthony Joshua’s soul

With Fury in the rearview mirror for now, Ngannou is preparing to attempt another boxing stunner. He will face Anthony Joshua on March 8 in his second-ever boxing bout.

Ngannou wants to do whatever it takes to not let the decision go to the judges’ hands. He proceeded to send a warning to Joshua, as well.

Tyson Fury VS Francis Ngannou

Nothing is impossible, right? We don’t know the strength of Anthony Joshua but… I don’t believe he has that strength, but we’re going to find out. We’re going to find out, and I think the reverse is going to happen. I’m going to be the one taking his soul.

Joshua, like Ngannou, has something to prove. He’s been at the very top of the heavyweight division but hasn’t held a title since losing all of his belts to Oleksandr Usyk in September of 2021.

With three straight wins, Joshua has to keep the momentum going in order to get another world title shot.

Eddie Hearn has revealed that he’s now sent an official offer to Gervonta Davis for a fight with Conor Benn next.

Hearn said the bout is being eyed for April/May in the USA, if the American star is serious about taking it.

Following Benn’s win over Peter Dobson in Las Vegas on Saturday, he engaged in a fresh back-and-forth with Davis on social media.

This ended with them agreeing to fight next, though many are sceptical about Tank’s sincerity when it comes to working with Hearn.

On Wednesday, Hearn said in an interview on Matchroom Boxing’s YouTube channel: “Lots of talks with Gervonta Davis.

Gervonta Davis

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“Firstly, those two are going back and forth, and I’ve spoken to Gervonta personally.

“He’ll be receiving an offer from us today for that fight. I think it’s a huge fight.

“Could happen in the UK, but we’re looking in America for that.

“You’ve got two fiery characters, Gervonta’s an outstanding fighter.

“He’s a super-featherweight really coming up to lightweight and boxing at super-lightweight, but he’s never boxed at welterweight.

“It’s a really tough fight for Conor Benn, Gervonta’s a pound-for-pound great, but I like the size advantage in that fight.

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“It will be the first time in a couple of fights that he’ll be fighting someone smaller than him, but he can really crack and he’s an outstanding fighter.

“So it’s a big ask for Conor, but this is what he wants, he wants those kind of tests.

“I think Gervonta Davis vs Conor Benn is a fight that can really light up America and the UK.

“So he will be getting our offer today. We wanna try and make the fight.”


Canelo Alvarez vs. Terence Crawford – Oscar De La Hoya offers his verdict on potential clash

A big fight could take place this year.

Terence Crawford registered the biggest win of his career last year when he stopped Errol Spence, and he’s aiming even higher after being linked to a fight with Canelo Alvarez.  

Crawford and Spence were on a collision course for a number of years, but the fight was one-sided with Crawford coming out on top.

Since that fight, Crawford has not been in action, but his name is thrown out when discussing some of the biggest fights in the sport.

Canelo Alvarez: Has Terence Crawford changed his views on fighting Canelo  Alvarez after Errol Spence Jr. fight?


A move to 168lbs to take on Canelo would be a giant leap for Crawford, and Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo’s former promoter, has spoken about that potential contest.

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“Crawford is a special fighter, but I just don’t know if he has the power to keep Canelo off,” said De La Hoya when speaking to K.O. Artist Sports

“And that pressure Canelo keeps putting on you, after the sixth or seventh round, let me tell you, your legs will start going. Your head will start spinning. ‘What the hell am I doing here?’”.



“He looked like trash” – Conor Benn blasted by Terence Crawford’s trainer for recent performance after calling out ‘Bud’

Conor Benn recently defeated Peter Dobson via unanimous decision, with the Brit going twelve rounds for the first time in his career.

Following the bout, ‘The Destroyer’ called out several of the biggest names at welterweight (147 pounds) and super light (140 pounds), including Errol Spence Jr and Devin Haney.

But, there was a pugilist that Benn shared his interest in facing prior to competing against Dobson, none other than pound-for-pound great Terence Crawford.

Terence Crawford

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‘Bud’ is regarded as one of the best P4P boxers in the world, and became the first male boxer to be crowned an undisputed champion in two weight divisions following his TKO win over Spence Jr. last year.

Crawford’s trainer, Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre, recently shared his thoughts on Benn’s performance against Peter Dobson during an interview with Fight Hub TV.

He said this:

“I think he looked like trash. I didn’t watch the fight. I just heard, you know, some of the coaches were watching it. I was basically driving… I know Pete [Conor Benn’s coach] really well, so Pete gave him a pretty tough fight. I don’t think much of him. I reallly don’t know of him. I just hear his name.”



Ryan Garcia: I Don’t Really Speak When Floyd’s Talking; Respect Him More Than a Lot of People

The admiration Ryan Garcia has for Floyd Mayweather Jr. apparently goes beyond casual association.

During a lengthy interview with Patrick Bet-David on the PBD Podcast, Garcia, the junior welterweight contender from Victorville, Calif., opened up about his much-publicized friendship with “Money May,” making it clear that he respects the Hall of Fame Fighter more than most people even within his inner circle.

When Bet-David asked which high-profile person in his life had the license to offer him harsh, unbated criticism— “I want to know which GOAT [Greatest of All Time] you allow to privately kick your ass”—Garcia immediately named Mayweather.

Ryan Garcia Floyd Mayweather

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“Floyd,” Garcia said. “I don’t really speak when Floyd’s talking. And I speak a lot. I’m a big talker. I don’t speak when Floyd’s talking. He tells me a bunch of things. I just shut up. Floyd can talk.”

“Oh yeah,” Garcia continued. “He’s called me out. So it’s like, what did Jesus say, ‘be wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove.’ He comes out as gentle. He doesn’t come out like [aggressive]. ‘Cuz I don’t do that. God doesn’t do that to me. Unless it’s bad, bad. Unless I’m really messing up.

“I can hear Floyd’s voice and I can respect it. I don’t really talk when he’s speaking. He even says it, know when to speak and know when not to speak. Like that’s facts. I really respect Floyd more than a lot of people.”

Added Garcia, “Did he call me, Canelo [Alvarez], Gervonta Davis, the three faces of boxing? Yes.”

Not everyone has been pleased with Garcia’s tight-knit relation with Mayweather. Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy, the longtime promoter of Garcia, has taken issue with what he feels to be a potential instance of tampering. In a recent social media post, De La Hoya informed Mayweather to “f— off.” De La Hoya and Mayweather have been sworn enemies since their days as active fighters.

Not all of Mayweather’s instructions have panned out in positive ways for Garcia. According to Garcia, it was Mayweather who advised him to drop talks with WBC 140-pound titlist Devin Haney and focus on a fight with Mayweather’s client, Rolando Romero, on the logic that beating Romero first and earning his title could pave the way for a bigger unification fight with Haney. Of course, in what was an embarrassing turn of events, Romero would go on to sign to fight Isaac Cruz on March 30 on the undercard of the Keith Thurman vs. Tim Tszyu 155-pound bout at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Garcia insists that he has now resumed talks with Haney.

Boxer Ryan Garcia announces birth of son, divorce in consecutive posts;  later deletes latter | Fox News

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Garcia and Mayweather drew headlines last month when they were seen jogging together early in the morning. Garcia revealed that he was the one who suggested the idea to Mayweather, whom he claimed was overly impressed with his work ethic.

“That 3 o’ clock in the morning run with Floyd? That was my idea,” Garcia said. “Like, ‘Floyd, let’s go. Let’s hit this run.’ ‘Oh wow.’ You know what Floyd told me on the run? I promise you this, as God as my witness. He looks at me in the eye, it almost sounds like he’s crying. You don’t hear his voice get like this—very few times. He goes, ‘I respect you.’ Just like that. ‘I respect you.’ Like, you know when Tyson [chokes up]? ‘I respect you.’ And I was like, ‘why Floyd?’

“And I’m getting the chills all over my body. ‘Cuz nobody’s doin’ what you’re doing. Nobody.’ Floyd calls me all the time, and I’m running all the time. Floyd’s like, ‘I’m so proud of you, proud of of you, proud of of you.’”


“We Were Laughing Because of How We Manipulate the Game”: After Ryan Garcia, Teofimo Lopez Reveals His 15-Minute Talk With Floyd Mayweather and Its Influence on Him

Of late, Ryan Gacia, following the Oscar Duarte win, worked out with Floyd Mayweather. Afterward, ‘KingRy’ declared that he wanted to fight Rolando Romero instead of Devin Haney. It was one of the decisions that infuriated Oscar De La Hoya, leading the same to abuse Mayweather in public. Today, after Garcia, Teofimo Lopez revealed his interaction with ‘TBE’.

Speaking onCigar Talk, ahead of his fight against Jamaine Ortiz on February 8, the current WBC Super-Lightweight champion recounted meeting Mayweather at Shakur Stevenson‘s last fight. Besides lauding Mayweather’s achievements and IQ, the 26-year-old claimed Mayweather was a fan of his.

Floyd Mayweather is a fan of Teofimo Lopez

Floyd Mayweather

On Cigar Talk, Teofimo Lopez recounted meeting Floyd Mayweather last year in November. In doing so, he mentioned that his retirement after the Josh Taylor fight was a publicity stunt. A move he learned from Mayweather himself when ‘TBE’ took a break of almost two years following the Ricky Hatton fight. Therefore, as they discussed how they manipulated the sport, Lopez claimed they laughed.

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I actually ran into Floyd when he went to see Shakur fight against Edwin De Los Santos. Me and Floyd talked for about fifteen minutes. We were laughing. Because of how we manipulate the game,” said ‘The Takeover’. “I can see in his eyes, he’s a bit of a fan [of me],” Teofimo Lopez added. Along these lines, the 26-year-old declared he was open to receiving advice from ‘Money’.

I was trying to get some work with him. I’m trying to learn from the champ someone who has that ring IQ, very high,” said Lopez. “He’s always going to be in the game. What he’s still doing is legendary. For a guy to collect $50 million for three fights without even trying anything is a smart move,” he concluded.

In addition, Lopez explained how Floyd Mayweather helped him become a better fighter in the sport.

Mayweather taught Lopez to stay ready

Ryan Garcia Floyd Mayweather

According to the current WBO Super-Lightweight champion, who knows Rolando Romero’s weakness, Floyd Mayweather has left “the blueprint” for everybody. However, Lopez believes only the smart fighters can “adapt to it“. As per his statements heard in Cigar Talk, Mayweather helped Lopez to make his weight for an upcoming fight. “What he did was basically stay in the gym and watch his diet,” said Teofimo Lopez.

Right now, I’m like 148. I can make weight tonight. I can make weight tomorrow. So, it’s all about always staying ready,” he added confidently. With that said, do you think that Lopez is manipulating the sport of boxing in the same manner Floyd Mayweather did? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.