Canelo Alarez And David Benavidez


Can Canelo Alvarez defeat David Benavidez? Despite his impressive 60-2-2 record and victory over some of the biggest names in boxing, the same question has taken over boxing pundits. Former rival Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. thinks he can, but it’s not that simple. While appearing in an interview with Boxing King Media on the sidelines of the Haney-Prograis match, the Culiacan resident describes the only way ‘Cinnamon’ can prove himself as the best Mexican boxer.

Previously, the WBC had declared the now WBC Interim super middleweight champion as the mandatory challenger for Canelo. Yet, no solid evidence of an impending clash between them has come to light, though not for a lack of trying from Benavidez’s corner. While a fight between them was deemed inevitable after Benavidez took down Demetrius Andrade, it hasn’t happened yet. So, the only question left unanswered is – Canelo ducking a fight with Benavidez? Does he stand a chance against the young “Mexican Monster”? Chavez Jr. thinks so.

In an interview from 9 December, Chavez Jr. spoke about Canelo’s chances of beating David Benavidez if the fight ever was to happen. As per the son of the legend Julio Cesar Chavez, Canelo has a good chance of winning, but he has to be in tip-top condition.

Chavez Jr. suggested there is no room for mistakes because Benavidez is a highly skilled boxer. In addition, Benavidez has his height, weight, and power going for him. “I think Canelo can beat [Benavidez], but Canelo has to be at his best with a lot of movement and good conditioning. Benavidez is very skilled, very tall, and tough. I think it’s 50-50,” said Chavez Jr.

Canelo, meanwhile, looks like he is in top condition, as was witnessed during the Jermell Charlo fight. But then why is he ducking a fight with the Mexican Monster? Canelo says he isn’t.

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Canelo Alvarez wants to make the best fights

Immediately after the ‘Boo Boo’ Andrade fight, Benavidez shifted his gear to the max, calling out Canelo for a fight. “Let’s give the people what they wanna see. Who wants to see David Benavidez vs Canelo” said Benavidez. So, in a later interview with Fight Hub TV, the undisputed super middleweight champion claimed he is open to fighting Benavidez.

However, he wasn’t sure about making the fight in September. “Like I’ve always said, I’m here to make the best fights, and if that’s a good fight for September or he has to wait a little longer, we’ll see,” said Canelo. He went on to suggest that big fights become even bigger when people have to wait to see it happen. He finished by stating, “Right now, like I said, I’m calm… We’ll see what happens.”

While fans speculate what’s next for Canelo and Benavidez, the former’s old rival suggests it would be a tough battle for Canelo, but he can come out victorious. Do you think Canelo will have a hard time against Benavidez? Who do you think would win?