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I’m a former UFC champion who beat Brock Lesnar and sold more PPVs than Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder – but I’ve never had $1 million payday

Frank Mir is feeling shortchanged at the end of his MMA career.

During his 23-year run in the sport, Mir has won two UFC titles and picked up high-profile wins over Brock Lesnar, Minotauro Nogueira, and Mirko Cro Cop.

The 44-year-old has also faced legends like Junior dos Santos, Alistair Overeem, Daniel Cormier, and Shane Carwin – he even fought boxers Kubrat Pulev and Steve Cunningham.

Most of his career was spent in MMA’s premier promotion where he headlined three pay-per-view cards, including UFC 100 which generated 1.6 million buys and is the third best-selling UFC event of all time.

Despite all his success, Mir has never enjoyed a seven-figure payday and it only recently occurred to him that he should’ve made so much more money for his rematch with Lesnar in 2009.

“Not at all,” he told talkSPORT in April 2023 when asked if he feels like he was fairly compensated for UFC 100.

“For example, I saw a boxing match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder – their second fight – I think we actually beat their pay-per-view buys.”

Fury vs Wilder 2 was the best-performing fight of the trilogy and it only sold around 800,000 PPVs – but that didn’t stop them from making more than $25 million each.

The sheer gulf between the payout he got compared to elite-level boxers, despite outselling them, made Mir curious about the business of MMA.

He added: “Both those guys made multiple millions of dollars, I never hit seven figures.

“That made me realise, ‘Oh, wow! I was the main event of that card, and I didn’t get seven figures and these guys got eight figures.’

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“It blew my mind and that was probably my first opening to go, ‘This card generated $50 million, who made the money?’

Mir is now working with UFL [United Fight League] and believes that by paying fighters their fair share, future legends will be able to live comfortably after retiring.

He said: “When you see an MMA fighter who is struggling after his career, people don’t really say, ‘Oh, he didn’t manage his money well.’ It’s ‘Well, they are not compensated for what they generate.’”

“We are not going to become millionaires off the back of the fighters.

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Mir hasn’t called time on his MMA career yet, despite not competing in the sport since securing a unanimous decision win over Roy Nelson in Bellator five years ago.

The plan is to have two final fights with UFL before walking away from competition and taking up a coaching role as his daughter, Bella Mir, makes her way through the MMA ranks.

Hopefully, Mir will be able to help her secure the million-dollar payday he missed out on.

Claims former coach “Malik Scott” : Deontay Wilder scuppered Anthony Joshua fights because of Ayahuasca,

Wilder’s old coach believes a psychedelic medicine played a role in his old fighter missing out on a £100 million double bout

Deontay wilder’s chances of landing handsomely-paid fights with Anthony Joshua were scuppered by Ayahuasca, according to the American’s former coach.

Wilder was on course to fight long-time rival Joshua in a £100 million two-fight series ahead of his defeat to Joseph Parker last December. Wilder produced a disastrous fight against Parker that scuppered the Joshua fights, and a former coach thinks he knows why.

Wilder’s old coach Malik Scott believes the use of psychedelic medicine Ayahuasca has played a role in Wilder’s reduced hunger for violence in the ring.

Scott told Instant Casino: “I think Deontay has a killer instinct in him that you can’t suppress, but I think he enjoyed Ayahuasca. I think that it possibly did not match the attitude needed in the ring.

“Because like he said, it made him a bit content and made him have an understanding of the smaller and softer things in life. And if you’re in that type of space then violence is not a top priority.

“But when you’re in a boxing ring violence has got to be [the] top priority. Violence wasn’t a top priority that night and I think that’s why we came up short. Deontay is a killer, he’s violent, he wants to put holes through you when he punches you, that Deontay didn’t show up that night, he couldn’t pull the trigger.”

The comeback

Wilder is now reportedly preparing to take on Zhilei Zhang, and Scott believes his old fighter will be a man reborn as he looks to get his career back on track.

“That’s not the fighter you’re going to see in his next fight,” he added. “He’s taken the initiative to start training way earlier. He knows our back is up against the wall and we know what we need to do.

“Everything is at stake, not his legacy, he’s already a legend, but concerning becoming two-time heavyweight champion, that part of his legacy is on the line now. I do not have less belief in him, it was just a bad night at the office, I’ve seen the best of them have those nights.

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“Zhang is dangerous, but I’m very comfortable and happy with the fight because big Zhang is someone who makes you stay alert and makes you stay elusive.

“He’s a big man and he can punch but we know what we have to do to operate on him and do surgery on him and that’s what we are going to do.

“It’s going to be a surgical performance. What I really like about the fight is how dangerous Zhang is, a very dangerous opponent and that’s going to make Deontay even better.”

Due to Psychedelic drug Man “Deontay Wilder” lost ₦125 billion Anthony Joshua fight

Deontay Wilder’s long-awaited showdown with Anthony Joshua was scuppered by his use of Psychedelic drugs, his head coach has stunningly claimed.

The former WBC heavyweight champion was on course to have back-to-back multi-million-pound dust-ups with AJ before his Riyadh rumble with Joseph Parker last December.

Deontay Wilder fumbled ₦125 billion Anthony Joshua fight