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 I don’t duck a challenge, I’ve signed to fight Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder before

Anthony Joshua will fight mixed martial arts star Francis Ngannou on Friday March 8, live on Sky Sports Box Office; Although bouts with Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder ultimately fell through, Joshua points out that he has previously agreed to those fights, saying: “I don’t duck!”

Anthony Joshua does not shirk a challenge.

He will be a significant favourite when he boxes mixed martial arts star Francis Ngannou on March 8,

Throughout his career though Joshua has taken on a sequence of elite opponents, from Wladimir Klitschko to Oleksandr Usyk, with Joseph Parker, Alexander Povetkin and many more in between.

But glaring omissions from Joshua’s CV are American puncher Deontay Wilder and British rival Tyson Fury.

Joshua however points out that even though bouts with those opponents never came to fruition, for his part he has previously agreed to fight both men.

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Talks for a fight with Tyson Fury have stalled and collapsed in the past, while Joshua had inked a deal to fight Wilder this year, only for the American to suffer a surprise upset loss to Joseph Parker and nix the arrangement.

Anthony Joshua breaks silence on Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fight snubs

Anthony Joshua has revealed why fights with Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder haven’t happened yet – just nine days before his showdown with former UFC star Francis Ngannou.

Joshua, a two-time heavyweight world champion, is set to face Ngannou in Saudi Arabia on March 8 as he continues his journey back to the top of boxing. Throughout his career, Joshua has taken on some big names, including Wladimir Klitschko and Oleksandr Usyk, as well as Joseph Parker and Alexander Povetkin.

However, the 2012 Olympic gold medalist hasn’t yet had a match with rivals Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. Joshua explained that he had agreed to fight both men in the past, but for various reasons, these matches didn’t happen.

The 34-year-old told Sky Sports News that the cancellation was “annoying in a way because in fight week we met up, we spoke to lawyers, we signed contracts, all that good stuff”. He added: “It’s a fight that fans want to see. I’m not saying it’s completely written off.

“You know what it proved to me, I’ve signed to fight Fury, I’ve signed to fight Wilder, I’ve signed to fight a lot of people. I just do good business. I’m a good prizefighter, I don’t duck a challenge. I’m always up for it. I just feel to myself I’ll always be here and ready to fight any time.”

Asked about Ngannou, Joshua said: “He had a good outing as well against Tyson Fury who is the current WBC champion. So I think it will be good for me to see where I’m at.

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“You should always overestimate peope if you want my opinion. Never underestimate anyone, always overestimate people and that way you’ll never be surprised.”

Before he added: “On this quest for greatness how far can I push myself? How much can my brain keep on going until it gives up and I’m like: ‘I can’t do it anymore?’.

“I want to keep on pushing my brain and trying new things. Get quicker, stronger, smarter in the ring. Face challenges, because I learn so much about myself. And then when it’s enough, enough is enough.”

But which heavyweight fighter comes out on top? Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Francis Ngannou and Deontay Wilder have ALL had a go on arcade punch machine…

Francis ngannou as the superior hitting power to Anthony Joshua, while Tyson Fury dominated Deontay Wilder, according to their scores on a punch machine.

Ngannou is set for his second professional boxing bout when he meets Joshua in Saudi Arabia on March 8 after previously impressing in his defeat against Tyson Fury.

Joshua is attempting to keep his plans of becoming a three-time heavyweight world title holder alive by beating Ngannou in the hopes of setting up a unificiation fight against the eventual winner of Oleksandr Usyk and Fury’s bout.

But amid the very serious machinations of the heavyweight division, most of the top contenders have been seen trying their hand at the classic punching machine over the years.

Seven fighters in total can be seen in a video that was released on Instagram on Wednesday and the results are very revealing.

First up was Joshua, who, presumably wishing to conceal his true power, opted to use his weaker left hand and still managed an impressive score of 965 units.

However, that was some way off Ngannou with a connection on the punchball that rattled the machine and produced a maximum of 999. It is reasonable to suggest the figure would have continued to rise if the machine recorded four digits.