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The Terence Crawford– Canelo Alvarez face-off remains an elusive dream.

However, until the fight is on the horizon, there shouldn’t be any harm in discussing it as if the fight were happening for real. From whether the match should happen at all to its tentative outcomes, social media is rife with a multitude of talks and discussions. The general consensus is that, unless the fight takes place at a catchweight, Canelo Alvarez, as the top dog of the division, stands a better chance of winning.

For whatever is said and done, as a welterweight, Terence Crawford might have to follow Jermell Charlo‘s suit. Only the former’s would be a three-division jump, not two like Charlo. In fact, the weight difference remains the key challenge hindering the fight. But when reached out for his views on the Crawford-Alvarez match-up, former world champion Timothy Bradley believes the Nebraskan can turn the tables on the Mexican. Only he might have to take down some notes from the playbook Floyd Mayweather Jr. left many summers ago.

Floyd Mayweather SNUBS Canelo Alvarez as world's best boxer, choosing Terence  Crawford instead | Daily Mail Online

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So soon after Timothy Bradley wrapped up his response to the FightHype reporter’s query on the upcoming Terence Crawford and Israil Madrimov came the next poser on Canelo Alvarez. The reporter asked, “People were saying that he wouldn’t fight Crawford regardless of any type of money.” Bradley immediately took up Jermell Charlo’s example. The ‘Iron Man’ scaled up two divisions to meet Canelo Alvarez. But the fact remained that he just barely managed to survive against the Mexican icon’s onslaught. But that’s not the case with Terence Crawford. He is one of the pound-for-pound best boxers in the world. Whereas Charlo has never been ranked likewise.

Bud’ has been chasing Alvarez for some time now, Bradley said. But more significantly, the ‘Desert Storm’ stressed that Crawford could in fact make the grade against the super middleweight champion. Like everyone else, he has his concerns since Canelo Alvarez is a powerful hitter. However, one only needs to look at what Floyd Mayweather Jr. did when he took on the Mexican champion back in 2013.

Delivering a boxing clinic, Mayweather Jr. completely outboxed and outclassed Canelo Alvarez. So, Bradley stressed, skill-wise, Crawford shares a lot of similarities with ‘The Money’. “I mean as long as he’s not catching too many of them and he’s using his legs and his athleticism and defense to get out of the way, he should be able to beat Canelo man. Slow plotting forward, good jab, got good quickness, you know, throws a lot of hooks, cord, just get away from all of those, get underneath them, bro, he should be able to beat Canelo,“ said the ‘Desert Storm’ during the conversation. However, as it appears, ‘Tim’ Bradley may not be the only one with umpteen faith in ‘Bud’ Crawford’s skills.

Oleksandr Usyk has also opined that Terence Crawford will win if ever the fight with Canelo Alvarez comes. ‘The Cat’ was speaking with Steve Kim and Mario Lopez on ”The 3 Knockdown Rule’. He especially mentioned Crawford’s skills as a switch hitter. He said, “I like Terrence; it’s… my friend, but it’s it’s crazy man. Listen, I… I say Terence win yes, …Terence win, but listen, Terence, it’s different, man. Terence work in two… two sides—right and left, but it’s it’s very smart, man. It’s very, very, very smart, but feel distance and the place…”

‘The 3 Knockdown Rule’ hosts, however, didn’t allow the Ukrainian champion to go away so easily. They quizzed him about the apparent weight difference between the two. The first undisputed heavyweight champion of this century couldn’t help but agree; the Mexican champion came off a bit bigger on the physical side. He is also a fantastic boxer. So, when push comes to shove, Terence Crawford would still emerge as the winner stressed Usyk.

If this fight comes to fruition, it will undoubtedly earn a place among legendary bouts like Floyd Mayweather Jr.- Manny Pacquiao’s ‘Fight of the Century’ or Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk’s ‘Ring of Fire’. That is the kind of impact the Terence Crawford and Canelo Alvarez fight carries. But the bigger question still remains. Will that fight ever come to fruition? So many, from some of boxing’s key stakeholders to fans, want to see two of the biggest faces of boxing clash.

The former world champion and now boxing pundit backs The Omaha native to come out on top against the Mexican if they finally meet in the ring.

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Can a boxer go up three weight classes and defeat one of the greatest fighters in recent history? While it seems pretty unlikely, the former two-class world champion and boxing commentator Tim Bradley believes it’s possible, when asked about the potential super clash between Terence Crawford and Saúl Álvarez.

Canelo defended his undisputed super middleweight crown in style against Jermell Charlo last weekend at T-Mobile, Las Vegas, getting a clear unanimous win decision.

The Mexican was the favorite going into the fight against Mell, as he was fighting in his natural weight division and his opponent had to transform his body and was inactive since May 2022.

Although he has been very criticized for his previous performances against Dmitry Bivol, Caleb Plant, Gennady Golovkin, and John Ryder, Álvarez displayed all of his aggressiveness and punching power to knock his rival down and ultimately get his hand raised.

 Terence Crawford VS Canelo Alvarez

Bradley picks Crawford to beat Canelo

Although Canelo wasn’t able to get the job done via knockout against Charlo, he managed to offer a good image inside the ring in a fight he dominated from the initial bell.

Now, most of fans expect Canelo to face either David Benavidez or Terence Crawford next. Those two are probably the two most-anticipated fights for Álvarez, and while a clash with The Mexican Monster would be hugely accepted by the boxing community, a bout with Crawford would undoubtedly be a great match.

The current pound-for-pound No. 1 would have to go from 147 to 168 lbs to challenge Canelo, but a win for the American would be one of the biggest ones the sport has ever seen and would make him undisputed champion in three weight divisions.

Tim Bradley feels that Bud would get the better of Canelo if he managed to execute the gameplan he used against Errol Spence Jr. in July.

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“I think Crawford will be a lot better on the inside than Canelo. Although Canelo is strong, I think that Crawford can be able to maneuver and push him in certain ways and get certain shots off, whereas a guy like Charlo didn’t have that ability” Bradley said to Fighthype.

“If he can go up to 168 and beat that Canelo Alvarez, that’s historical stuff, and I think that Crawford is willing to do it. He’s that crazy. I would back him because I think he’s different, and I know some of you will be like, ‘He’s your friend. You’re going to back him”, he added.

 Canelo Alvarez

Bradley believes that if Floyd Mayweather Jr. could dismantle Canelo’s strategy in 2013, Crawford could repeat that feat.

He has the skill set. I’m telling you, he does. No one thought that Floyd [Mayweather Jr.] was going to be able to do it against Canelo. Canelo was a lot bigger. I think he had to be at least 15, 20 pounds heavier than Floyd on the night of the fight”, he concluded.

Canelo will now have to decide who his next opponent will be. Benavidez will fight in November against Demetrius Andrade, while Crawford, who’s 36, will probably want to face Canelo now that he’s still in his prime.

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