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The multiple division champion has signed for at least six fights

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis claims he is financially better off than Floyd Mayweather Jr. was at the same age after signing a 6-7 fight deal.

WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champion Tank Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) says the contract he signed with PBC – which includes a fight against Shakur Stevenson – is more lucrative than the six-fight deal Mayweather signed with Showtime in 2013.

Davis hasn’t disclosed exactly how much he stands to earn, but it estimated to be worth $250million.

Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather


According to reports at the time, Mayweather‘s 2013 deal was worth $200m, which he had when he was 29. But Davis claims he has eclipsed the retired boxing icon.

“I’m at the point where I passed him and I’m doing it at a young age. When Floyd Mayweather was 29 [he wasn’t doing it like me], you’ll see,” said Gervonta Davis to Cigar Talk.

“That [6-7 fight] deal that I was talking about, that’s bigger than his [Mayweather’s] deal, and I’m just releasing it on here.”

The difference between the two is that Mayweather wasn’t earning such amounts at that age, as the sport has evolved financially for lower-ranked boxers.

Will Gervonta Davis have a better legacy than Floyd Mayweather?

When Mayweather was 29, he was fighting the likes of Emanuel Augustus and Gregorio Vargas and refused to duck any opponent that he was faced against. Davis, meanwhile, has faced claims that he has cherry-picked opponents he has a better chance of beating.

Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis

It doesn’t look like Tank Davis‘ career will be anywhere close to Mayweather‘s in terms of legacy after choosing not to fight the likes of Vasily Lomachenko and Devin Haney in his 11-year professional career.

That is where the two fighters differ, as Mayweather was keen to take on the top opponents such as Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton. As a result, his paychecks would be bigger than Tank‘s.

It’s fair to say Mayweather also had the ability to drawn in huge TV audiences for his fights, which resulted in the undefeated champion taking a bigger slice of the pie.

Floyd Mayweather has released J’hon Ingram following a campaign by the undefeated prospect to grant him his freedom.

The boxing legend agreed to allow Ingram out of his contract after the ‘Pretty Boy’ went public with his frustrations at not being active enough.

Ingram started a ‘Free J’hon’ movement on social media that seems to have worked, given a recent update by the lightweight star.

Floyd Mayweather nicknames: why “Money” and “Pretty Boy”? - AS USA

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He said, “To all my supporters, the boxing community, and the media, I am happy to announce my official separation from Mayweather Promotions.

“I have nothing but love and respect for Floyd and the whole MP/TMT Family. Floyd helped me start my professional boxing career and I’m appreciative of his guidance.

“I would like to express all my thanks and gratitude to every single person and boxing platforms who supported me through this process and helped me by allowing me to speak and voice my opinions and concerns.

“All I want to do is fight and show you all my talent because I am Mr. Really Like That! – J’Hon “Pretty Boy” Ingram.”

Having only fought once since 2022 in a fight he arranged for himself, Ingram plans to hit the ground running with new representation. Due to his obvious talent, there won’t be a lack of interest in the boxer labeled ‘The Next Floyd Mayweather.’

Fans are already urging Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn to sign the 23-year-old from North Carolina after recently announcing Jalil Hackett‘s capture.

“Free J’hon worked. Put pen to paper with Eddie, and he’ll have you boxing globally, month after month. World level in no time,” urged one commenter.

Curmel Moton, who also has a similar moniker, remains under the Mayweather banner.

Singer Ray J made a confession about a love triangle drama he had with Floyd Mayweather a decade ago

It’s been a decade since singer Ray J and retored boxer Floyd Mayweather had a falling out over a shared love interest. At the time when Ray J really started dating Princess Love Norwood, Floyd famously dated the celebrity before his friend. In the end, Ray J married Princess Love but he is currently estranged from her. Recently, the TV personality appeared on the Shannon Sharpe show to talk about personal stuff and got around to discussing his falling out with Floyd. Right now, Ray J is no longer friends with Mayweather and he is not in speaking terms with his wife. Although he did make a plea for someday fixing his relationship with the former boxer.

Floyd Mayweather

Ray J got married to Floyd Mayweather’s interest

The entire event took place a decade ago and none of them have spoken since. Ray J sat down with Sharpe to talk about his career and that’s when he got a little emotional speaing about his falling out with Mayweather. Also, he left an open door for a potential reconciliation. He said: “It was weird because I really liked her and she was still kind of like in a situation with P.B. Because I loved her. He [Floyd Mayweather] didn’t love her. I’ve seen him out and it’s all love. I don’t have any issues and he doesn’t either. But our friendship is not there no more. Not that he gives a f*ck. I got nothing but love for [Floyd Mayweather], and that’s so long ago, I’m sure he’s good now.”

This is a love triangle situation that happens in regular life more often than one thinks, it’s been happening for a long time. Friendships can be destroyed for love while relationships get stronger because of the same reason. Meanwhile, Princess Love is living a great career in television and enjoying life without her estranged husband. She is truly a star of reality TV shows and other series from various streaming services. It remains to be seen if this friendship will ever go back to good terms, only time will tell.

Floyd Mayweather can spot a money-maker when he sees one.

Pound-for-pound superstar and defensive master Mayweather was one of the most lucrative fighters on the planet, featuring in five of the top ten biggest pay-per-view in the sport of boxing.

Since hanging up the gloves after scoring his 50th win over Conor McGregor, the 47-year-old has continued to earn from the sport by travelling the world and staging exhibitions with mixed results for fans.

Another American earning considerably from boxing is one Jake Paul, who stormed the scene as an influencer fighter but has since claimed he wants to be a legitimate world champion.

 Floyd Mayweather

Despite two fights against what fans would call proper boxers, Paul has recently swung back more towards the entertainment side by announcing a bout with Mike Tyson.

From one money man to another, Mayweather gave props to him for it when asked by the Come and Talk 2 Me show.

“I mean, what he’s doing is kinda cool. If he can continue to steal money and they match him the way they match him, I can’t knock his hustle. If they match him how they been matching him, more power to him.”

Floyd Mayweather

Paul-Tyson is a professionally sanctioned bout, although both fighters will wear 14-ounce gloves and it will be contested over eight two-minutes rounds.

The Netflix-streamed event has received criticism, particularly due to Tyson’s advancing years. The heavyweight legend last fought professionally in 2005 – a stoppage loss to Kevin McBride.

AEW World Heavyweight Champion Swerve Strickland defeated Christian Cage at the AEW Double Or Nothing 2024 pay-per-view event in Las Vegas, NV. Following the match, he celebrated with Floyd Mayweather in the front row.

On a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Strickland provided insights into the collaborative nature of AEW’s product, emphasizing that its success is not reliant on any single individual.

The reigning AEW World Champion also spoke about Mayweather’s presence at AEW Double Or Nothing 2024.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Floyd Mayweather

On the talent elevating the company as a team: “I feel like I’m still, I’m shining a different light on the product. One person doesn’t elevate a product anymore, I feel like everybody elevates with the product. I feel like it’s always a team effort, even like a Mercedes [Mone] helps elevate the product as well, like myself I help elevate it in a way, Moxley helps elevate it, you know, Copeland was helping elevate it you know … Like I feel like all of us, Bryan Danielson, Darby Allin, we all elevate this product together, there’s not just one person.”

On Floyd Mayweather appearing ringside at Double or Nothing: “Just Floyd Mayweather walking into MGM to just watch my match means a lot, that means something. He came in just to watch the show, watch my match because he heard All Elite Wrestling has a Black World Champion and he wanted to come in and support that. That right there already shifts the culture in a way that not a lot of other former World Champions have been able to do.”

One judge overseeing the most controversial Floyd Mayweather fight of all time has faced considerable criticism.

The sanctioned official, who oversaw a shocking scorecard involving Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez, faced an explosive claim from a former Mike Tyson coach. Teddy Atlas says the scorer in question should be in jail for the verdict they handed in. The trainer and podcaster made the statement while taping his “The Fight with Teddy Atlas” series, which has proven successful.

Talking about Canelo in general, Atlas blasted the former pound-for-pound king. But his comments against CJ Ross, who scored Mayweather vs Canelo a draw in 2013, caught the eye.

floyd mayweather

“Canelo has always been overrated,” pointed out Atlas in his unique outspoken manner. “That doesn’t mean he is not a real good fighter, but he is not the greatest Mexican fighter of all time.

“He is not the greatest Mexican fighter. He is overrated, and he probably lost to [Erislandy] Lara. But he also lost twice to GGG. I know it’s old news. It is old history. But he lost the first two [against Golovkin], especially the first one. He lost to Mayweather, every round, except for with that judge [CJ Ross] who should be in jail.”

World Boxing News spoke exclusively to Ross after she retired from the sport after two controversies. The first one was the Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao fiasco in 2012. She then followed it up with Mayweather vs Canelo months later.

Both scoring disasters were enough to put the final nails in her ringside boxing career. Ross told WBN: “People don’t understand that all three judges could have ended any fight and, as a result, have the same score. Let’s say 116-112.

“But if you look at the commission’s score sheet, you would likely see they arrived at those scores by different rounds.

Floyd Mayweather

On the criticism she received, Ross added: “I have to consider the source. Unless the critic was sitting in my seat viewing the fight from the angles I had and could feel or see the power and the flat and missed punches that are not seen by a camera, it’s not real criticism.

Addressing the Pacquiao score, the official stated: “In the Bradley vs Pacquiao fight, I was in the majority of the three judges for twelve out of the twelve rounds.

“So I would say that has to be the standout fight for me. But they have all been memorable. I especially enjoyed the undercard fights. They are often more competitive and challenging to judge.”

Atlas may have been a bit strong in his wording. However, the consensus is Ross made the correct decision to walk away for good. – If you use these WBN quotes, please link back to the source:

Manny Pacquiao had 72 professional bouts but there is one he still feels the effects of to this day.

In 2009, Pacquiao came up against Miguel Cotto, otherwise known as ‘Junito’, as the Filipino dared to become a world champion in a seventh different weight class.

And he did just that, dropping Cotto in both the third and fourth rounds of the fight.

From there, Pacquiao steadily beat his opponent into submission until the final round of the fight when the referee had seen enough and waved off the contest.

 Floyd Mayweather

While it looked to be an utterly dominant performance from Pacquiao, he has since admitted that Cotto’s punches took a serious toll on him.

Speaking to the Ring Magazine in July 2015, a few months after his clash with Floyd Mayweather, which remains the highest grossing fight of all time, Pacquiao was asked who hit him the hardest in his career.

“Miguel Cotto,” Pacquiao replied. “I can still feel some of those punches he threw at me.

Cotto began boxing when he was 11 in Puerto Rico and left the amateur ranks with a 125-23 record, winning silver at the Olympics in 2000 and then collecting titles in the pro ranks to become a four-weight champion.

“Staying on the ropes is not the best place to be when you are fighting him,” Pacquiao continued.

“He’s also accurate. He’s incredible.”

Two fights after taking on Cotto, Pacquiao moved up in weight again, an incredible feat considering he began his career at flyweight, clashing with Antonio Margarito in the super welterweight division.

‘Pacman’ delivered yet another boxing masterclass to win the WBC 154lb world title and become an eight-weight world champion.

Floyd Mayweather

During his stellar career he earned at least $500m in purses, while his pay-per-view fights combined took in more than $1billion in revenue.

When he fought Mayweather in 2015 it broke the bank, including 4.6 million PPV buys and total revenue of $600m from PPV, tickets, international TV, sponsorship and merchandise.

A rematch between the pair has been heavily linked, particularly after they met in Japan in 2023.

Mayweather and Pacquiao aimed thinly veiled digs at each other, and even teased a second meeting.

Floyd Mayweather was at ringside for AEW Double or Nothing 2024, cheering on World Champion Swerve Strickland during his successful title defense against Christian Cage. While speaking to the press during the post-show media scrum, Strickland detailed how he and the promotion linked up with the boxing legend.

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“Floyd has been a friend of ours, my man Flash Garments over here. He gets a free pass every time he comes to All Elite Wrestling because once again, we’re here to grow this company and we’re here to bring something to All Elite Wrestling, not just take.

How Floyd Mayweather Became Boxing's First $1 Billion Fighter

We want to give, like if we have opportunities and connections, we’re going to bring them here every single time. And we want to blow this place up, and we want to be the catalysts of it,” Strickland explained.

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Strickland said that AEW has been talking to Mayweather about an appearance for a couple of years now. However, the stars didn’t align until this year’s Double or Nothing, and Strickland believes that the boxer enjoyed the pay-per-view.

Floyd Mayweather vs Maidana: 13 amazing facts about boxing superstar Floyd  Mayweather Jr - Mirror Online

Strickland also commented on bringing in stars from outside of wrestling to help AEW, noting that they can enhance the overall experience, though putting on great shows and matches is always the priority.

UPDATE: Gervonta Davis responds to claim that Floyd Mayweather is ‘being held hostage in Dubai’ as feud reignited

Mayweather wasn’t the only surprise guest at Double or Nothing. Gangrel also rose again to help Adam Copeland retain the AEW TNT Championship. Elsewhere, MJF made his long-awaited return and confronted Adam Cole following months of uncertainty about his future.

Strickland is open to facing “The Salt of the Earth” at some point, but he thinks MJF needs to work hard to earn a another shot at the AEW World Title.




The You Tuber shocked many, including Tyson, when he went the distance with 50-0 boxing legend in their much-hyped exhibition in 2021.

Before the fight, Tyson, who is now set to face Logan’s brother Jake Paul on July 20, appeared on Logan’s podcast and told him to his face that May weather would ‘kick his ass’.

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As the You Tuber survived all eight rounds though, the boxing legend admitted his prediction was way off.

Tyson told Paul on FaceTime after the bout: “You kicked that n***a ass, I was wrong, I was wrong, you kicked ass.

Mike Tyson explains why Floyd Mayweather is NOT boxing's GOAT and insists  50-0 record has been beaten before by past legends | talkSPORT

“You kicked ass, there’s no doubt about it, you kicked ass.”

Paul replied: “I love you Mike.”

To which Tyson added: “I’m proud of you n***a, I’m proud of you.”

Later in the conversation, Paul said: “He was quick Mike, he was fast.”

Tyson replied: “He wasn’t that fast, you got him with those punches.”

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Tyson was genuinely surprised by the display from the YouTuber against the boxing legend, which may lead some people to thinking it’s a surprise he’s agreed to take on Jake.

However, Tyson made it clear in other comments about Logan’s fight with Mayweather that he saw Floyd’s weight disadvantage as his undoing.

In contract, Tyson will have a natural size advantage over Jake.

“I think Floyd should keep on trying,” Tyson said, “I don’t think he should fight a f***ing cruiserweight.

Mike Tyson outlined perfect plan to beat Floyd Mayweather back in 2013 -  Daily Star

“I think he should continue fighting guys his own weight. What the f*** is he doing? Fight [Manny] Pacquiao again or something, keep in shape.

“It was harder than Floyd anticipated, I believe.

“Was he boxing a cruiserweight? How did he train for this, with experience?

UPDATE: Jeff Mayweather Explains Why Curmel Moton Reminds Him of Floyd Mayweather: “I Haven’t Seen a Kid Like That in a Very Long Time”

“I believe when [Logan] was hitting him, he was hurting him a little bit because he’s not a 160-pound guy. [Logan is] a 190-pounder. I think that’s a heavyweight. 190-pounds to me is a heavyweight.

“I think Mayweather can learn from this one, fight guys more in his own category as far as weight is concerned.

“I think he’d make more money if he fought Pacquiao again. Floyd didn’t make the guy chase him. You make the big guy chase you.

“He needs to fight a guy at more of his weight division, 155-pounds or 160-pounds.”


EXCLUSIVE: During his appearance on a Floyd Mayweather undercard, Cage Legacy promoter, Declan Kenna, realised exactly what it takes to put together a major combat sports event

When Declan Kenna boxed on a Floyd Mayweather undercard, he took it as a learning opportunity, soaking up everything the legendary fighter does to put on events that dazzle fans across the globe.

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On May 17, the Irishman will bring Cage Legacy 22 to The Dome at Grand Central Hall, Liverpool, for his company’s first-ever English MMA show. And like Mayweather, he understands that delivering a high-quality production is just as crucial as making competitive fights.

Floyd mayweather hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

Blessed with palpable charisma, the man who has previously turned up to KingPyn press conferences in beyond quirky suits, is going all out for his major event, pumping money into a light show and a DJ, who’s set to rock the crowd from the opening bout to the main event.

However, while Kenna is slowly solidifying his place among the most promising promoters in Europe, he wouldn’t have the level of understanding he does today had he not had the chance to fight at the O2 Arena on the same night Mayweather walked out to battle Aaron Chalmers.

With a fire burning in his belly, Kenna was desperate to compete on the same bill as his hero. Alas, with the card full, his chances looked slim. But in a testament to his unrelenting powers of self-belief, he kept grinding away, and eventually got his shot, against one of the most dangerous prospects in the sport.

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In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Sport, he reminisced: “I had a feeling you were going to ask me about that straight away. Throughout my whole life, I’ve been involved with martial arts. I got into boxing, and I had a couple of fights and built a bit of a reputation. Then, I was hounding the promoters to get on the Mayweather card. As soon as I saw it get announced, I was like, ‘I wanna be on that’. Carl Prince was like, ‘Stop, you won’t be on it. The card is full. Stop, stop, stop’. But I was ever so persistent and eventually, I got the phone call a week before the show saying, ‘There’s a guy out, do you want to jump in’?

“Straight away, I asked, ‘Who is it against’? They told me it was J’Hon Ingram. I didn’t know anything about him, so I looked him up on YouTube straight away, and there he was, knocking out Rolly Romero. I was like, ‘Do you know what? I’m never going to get an opportunity like this again’, so I thought, ‘I’m gonna go for it’. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I didn’t get the win, but he’s renowned for highlight-reel finishes, and he couldn’t knock me out. I went the distance, and it’s a night I’ll never forget.”

Kenna isn’t often a man who gets starstruck, but in the presence of the richest athlete of all time, he struggled to contain himself.

Floyd Mayweather fight time tonight: What time is Floyd Mayweather vs Aaron  Chalmers on? | Boxing | Sport | Express.co.uk

He explained: “He doesn’t really talk much. Floyd was in J’Hon Ingram’s changing room, and I was with Aaron Chalmers. We didn’t go out with them after; they just did their own thing, but we got to see them and say, ‘Hello’. He said, ‘Thanks for being part of the event’. I’m never one to put anybody on a pedestal, but it was Mayweather. Even being in the same room with him is amazing. He has a whole entourage with him. It was crazy.”

While appearing on the card was undoubtedly a tick off the bucket list, the fight served as not just a once-in-a-lifetime experience but an opportunity to clock onto exactly why Mayweather’s business is so successful and what elements of the promotion Kenna can apply to his beloved Cage Legacy.

The Dubliner asserted: “That’s exactly what happened since day one. I had my own MMA gym. My brother and I were training and going to local events at community halls with no lights or production. So, we thought, ‘We could do this’. And that’s how Cage Legacy came about. Every time I’ve been at a big event, I’ve learned stuff, from having extra media backstage, the set-up for the event, the promotion, to the way they run social media. So, being on the Mayweather card helped me an awful lot.”

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With Irish blood coursing through his veins, Kenna couldn’t resist bringing Cage Legacy to an English city that has such a long affinity with the place he calls home.

And to ensure the fans get a night that lives long in the memory, the businessman has gone all out to deliver a monster card, with a main event featuring former Cage Warriors champion and Liverpudlian hero — Lee Chadwick.

Kenna exclaimed: “Lee is taking on Maicon Kobayashi. He’s a Brazilian fighter, who’s coming for the win. He told me from day one, ‘I’m not coming here to make up the numbers. I’m coming here to finish Lee’. And Lee is just as confident; he wants to put on a show in the main event. He’s so excited for a homecoming fight after so many contests outside of his city. I think it’s a massive fight. I can’t wait for it. You’ve got a Brazilian striker vs a great grappler. It should be amazing.”