Gabby Douglas


Shocking Reports Claim Gabby Douglas Never Announced Retirement From Gymnastics in 2016.

Gabby Douglas shot to fame in gymnastics during the 2012 London Olympics, winning gold in both the team and individual all-around championships. Her moniker, “Flying Squirrel,” reflected her agility and elevated her to the pinnacle of American gymnastics. However, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the story took an unexpected turn.

Douglas received a lot of flak and backlash despite winning a team gold medal, which made the world think that she had quietly quit the sport. After her comeback just came to light, the issue of whether Douglas ever retired or she just quietly weathered the storm is currently the talk of the town.

Gabby Douglas will return to competitive gymnastics this month as she  targets 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris - CBSSports.com

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Douglas is preparing for a return, having not competed since the 2016 Olympics, which was eight years ago. She discussed the difficulties she encountered between 2013 and 2016 in an interview with Inside Gymnastics, highlighting the necessity of taking a step back and rediscovering oneself. Douglas disputed the notion of an early retirement by expressing her unshakable enthusiasm for gymnastics. The gymnast talked about her experience giving up the sport to deal with the challenges of life, saying that her break was never a planned one.

The Guardian reported that Douglas said, ‘I’ve been avoiding the internet because there’s so much negativity,‘ following the 2016 Games. How did this come about? she received a ton of criticism while sporting the Team USA leotard. She was criticized by some for not putting her hand on her heart during the national anthem, and by others for not applauding her colleagues loudly enough at the all-around final. She was greatly impacted by all of this, and her mother Natalie Hawkins told Reuters that Douglas was left “heartbroken.”

Douglas understands how hard it is to go back to Olympic-level fitness, which is why she chose WOGA in Plano, Texas, for her return in 2022. Before her formal declaration in July 2023 for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, she had a year of covert preparation. The question remains: how did Douglas find the strength to come back after such a trying chapter as she gets ready for the Winter Cup?

Inspiring return of the Olympian unveiled

Douglas’s choice to come back to the professional scene gives women’s gymnastics a fresh dimension, coinciding with Chellsie Memmel’s outstanding comeback. During the pandemic, Chellsie Memmel, the 2008 Olympian and silver medalist from Beijing, started competing in elite gymnastics at her family’s Wisconsin facility. She took a break from gymnastics in 2012 and returned to it in 2021 to become a mother of two. During that time, she even conquered the difficult Yurchenko Double Full. Memmel’s sporting career came to a stop temporarily in May 2022 when she took on the position of technical lead for the U.S. National Women’s Artistic Gymnastics team.

Gymnastics champion Gabby Douglas announces return, eyes Paris - ESPN

Douglas is now swinging around on the uneven bars in WOGA and even performed flawless Chow 1 ⁄ 2 transitions and double layout dismounts. While the 28-year-old shared her practice online with her followers last year, for the past few years the mats have been deprived of her competence, and adding to the excitement is the third Olympic all-around gold medalist’s presence in the Paris Olympics squad.