Gervonta Davis AND Terence Crawford


As a result, Haymon and his team have spent recent months seeking a new broadcaster for their marquee roster of fighters.

The PBC stable includes Gervonta Davis and Canelo Alvarez, with Terence Crawford now also working with the company, at least for his rematch with Errol Spence.

On Thursday, PBC officially announced that they have joined forces with Amazon Prime Video.

This new multi-year deal will reportedly see them stage between 12 and 14 fight events on the platform each year.

This will include both PPV shows and non-PPV fight nights, with the first event planned for March.

Davis could headline this inaugural show.

It’s understood that the non-PPVs will also be available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and Ireland.

Marie Donoghue, VP, US sports content and partnerships for Amazon, said: “We are thrilled to join with Premier Boxing Champions to bring the best boxers in the world to Prime Video, and to give more fans than ever the chance to experience these must-see events.

“With live coverage of PBC action throughout the calendar year, Prime Video continues to bring viewers in the USA and around the world the best in sports.”


Bruce Binkow, CEO, Integrated Sports, exclusive agency for PBC, added: “Premier Boxing Champions is very proud to partner with Prime Video to showcase our world-class boxers and events.

“With Prime’s incredible reach and unprecedented marketing power, we’re very excited to reach new audiences for our sport as we continue to present the most exciting, competitive and biggest fights in boxing.”

Tim Bradley is giving Terence Crawford a 30-40% chance of beating Canelo Alvarez at 168 in a battle for the Mexican star’s four belts. Terence Crawford hasn’t said anything about wanting to move up to super middleweight to earn the fight against Canelo, so he’s going to have to depend on Alvarez’s generosity if he’s to get the fright.

The 30-40% chance that Bradley gives Crawford of beating Canelo is slightly higher than this writer. Chris Williams gives Crawford a 10% chance, and that’s only if Canelo is fighting while injured.

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Bradley says Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) is the better-skilled fighter and would set traps and exploit Canelo’s high guard that he uses when marching forward. However, what makes Bradley doubt Crawford’s chances is the size advantage that Canelo  (60-2-2, 39 KOs) has going for him.

Terence Crawford: No.1 Boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez Avoids Black Fighters

Tim doesn’t know how well the welterweight Crawford can handle the heavy shots from Canelo, as he’s only fought one big puncher in his career, and that was Errol Spence, and he was weight drained from dropping down from 190 lbs during camp.

We’ve seen Crawford hurt by lesser punchers than Canelo in his fights against Yuriorkis Gamboa and Egidijus Kavaliauskas. If those guys were able to hurt Crawford, he’d be heading for early disaster against Canelo.

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Is Canelo Too Big For Crawford?

Crawford will need to be a salesman and perhaps give Canelo a phone call to try and persuade him to give him a shot because, right now, he’s not interested.

Canelo rechaza el escenario de enfrentar a Crawford en pelea de peso intermedio – Boxeo De Campeones

Canelo obviously doesn’t want to look like a fighter that is selecting his opposition from the lower weight classes because that’s what’s would be doing by facing his second straight opponent from divisions below him.

“That’s tough. We know Canelo can be outboxed, but the size difference is what’s scary about that fight,” said Tim Bradley to Fighthype about Terence Crawford moving up to 168 to face Canelo Alvarez.

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We know that Canelo can be outboxed by a 6’0″ light heavyweight Dmitry Bivol, but it might be a different story for the 5’8″ Crawford, who will be giving away 20+ lbs and has never tasted the kind of power that he’ll be hit with all night.

Further, Crawford is old at 36, and that’s not the ideal age for a fighter to move up three divisions to take on Canelo.

Undisputed: Early Access - Canelo Alvarez vs Terence Crawford Gameplay | RTX 3070 TI - YouTube

“If Crawford can’t hurt him, if Crawford can’t stop him from coming forward, and Crawford’s great at exposing high guards,” said Bradley. “He knows how to come underneath and come around. He knows how to set traps for his opponents, and I think he’ll be able to lay a lot of traps for Canelo.”

Is Crawford Just Looking For A Paycheck?

“I think he’ll give him a lot more issues and problems than [Jermell] Charlo, no doubt about it, because of the mentality, and he would come to win,” said Bradley. “I just wonder whether he can take Canelo’s punch, and can he stay away from Canelo’s punch, and can he absorb the punishment that he’s going to get and have to go through,” said Bradley.

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Crawford can set traps and land shots, but when he gets hit back by Canelo, he’s likely to retreat because if he stays in the pocket, he’s going to be chopped apart.

Terence Crawford Gets Honest On Fighting Canelo Alvarez - Inside Sport India

Terence will get on his bike and start running around the ring like in his fight with Viktor Postol, causing fans to boo as they did in that bout. That’s just what Canelo needs. Another safety-first smaller guy who has never fought at 168, coming for a paycheck. The fans were booing  Crawford against Postol, because he wouldn’t stand his ground.

NEWS: Terence Crawford On Gervonta Davis Fight: “There Ain’t No Catchweight. You Come Up To 147”

“Canelo will close a distance on him, and Canelo will hit him and will pound on him,” said Bradley. “Now, Crawford, I think, has the skills but, again, the size. That size. The weight classes are there for a reason.

“Crawford definitely would dare to be great. I think he has the skill set to beat a Canelo. If they were the same size, pound-for-pound, Crawford’s skill set is better than Canelo’s, in my opinion.”

Terence Crawford calls out Canelo Alvarez's 'delusional' comments

If Crawford wants to dare to be great by going up to 168 for a paycheck against Canelo, he needs to first do some daring against this murderer’s row:

  • David Benavidez
  • DmitryBivol
  • David Morrell Jr.
  • Demetrius Andrade
  • Caleb Plant

If Crawford isn’t willing to fight those guys to potentially pick up a $20 million+ payday against Canelo, then he obviously doesn’t want it badly enough.

In that case, he was never truly interested in daring to be great, but rather just another guy looking today that he doesn’t deserve.

Canelo: "Terence Crawford Just Beat One Good Fighter"

Canelo could have avoided the disaster from last weekend with an eyesore-level mismatch if he’d insisted that Jermell prove himself against Morrell Jr., Benavidez, Bivol, Andrade, or Plant. If Jermell refused to earn the fight, Canelo should have washed his hands with him and moved on.

It is bad for boxing for fighters like Canelo to cherry pick smaller fighters with no experience in the 168-lb  weight class and use them as his opponent.

If Canelo no longer has the confidence to fight the best guys in his division, he needs to humble himself and quit acting like he’s the King s***. Obviously, Canelo lacks the confidence to take on the best at 168 or try and avenge his loss to Bivol.

Canelo Alvarez gives verdict on potential Terence Crawford fight after Jermell Charlo win - Mirror Online

“Now, they’re not the same size, and that’s where the difficulty comes,” said Bradley. “I think that’s daring to be great for Crawford because his skill set outmatches Canelo’s. It would be a 30% chance,40% chance because, again, that weight,” said Bradley, rating Crawford’s chances of beating Canelo.

“I believe in my man Crawford. I think he’s different. I’ve never seen anything like him in the sport as long as I lived. I could say that, but that’s tough, it’s tough.

“Crawford’s a winner, Crawford won’t come and lay down, and Crawford will definitely go out on the shield, no doubt about it, but Canelo got other guys he can fry, that he needs to fry before Crawford gets a shot,” said Bradley.

Having cemented his place as one of the biggest names in boxing, there are few fights involving Gervonta Davis that would not be considered mega fights by all modern definitions.

However, there is a fighter with whom Davis shares a long history that would be an opponent more enticing than most others.

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Davis and two-weight world champion Teofimo Lopez have known each other since they were little more than children making their way through the American amateur ranks and, now both in their 20s, are both regarded as amongst the best fighters in the entire sport.

And when ‘Tank’s trainer Calvin Ford was asked about a possible bout between his charge and Lopez, he assured Mill City Boxing that it would definitely happen “one day.”

Gervonta Davis knocks out Ryan Garcia in seventh round | Boxing News | Al Jazeera

“That fight [Davis vs Lopez] is going to happen one day, because of the background they have with each other.”

“We’ve seen them spar each other when they were amateurs and what not. That’s going to be a good fight one day.”

“I think when they get to a point when all the smoke has cleared with all these other guys. I’m hoping Teofimo will hold that 140 spot, and ‘Tank’ will hold his spot.”

“These great moments that we’re seeing in boxing are going to continue, because you’ve got to remember these guys are older than the guys coming up underneath them.”

Gervonta Davis vacates WBA 130 lb title, still has belts at 135 and 140 - Bad Left Hook

Both Davis and Lopez’ reputations are perhaps at an all time high currently, after coming off impressive wins earlier this year against Ryan Garcia and Josh Taylor respectively.

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However, as always seem to be the case with the fights fans want most, there are are host of promoter and broadcasting issues that will need to be worked out if they two are ever to share a professional ring.

Gervonta Davis is one of the hottest properties in boxing right now with no shortage of call outs from his rivals.

Tank’ is coming off a victory over Ryan Garcia back in April – the biggest commercial fight of the year, with reports suggesting the event brought in over 1 million pay-per-view buys.

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Since then Davis has made more headlines for his actions out of the ring rather than in it, serving time in jail after breaking a house arrest order.

It’s not the first time ‘Tank’ has been in trouble with the law, and he seems to think only that has the potential to upset his superstardom.

Gervonta davis

When it was put to him that Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson could have the beating of him, the Baltimore native was adamant the only person he has to worry about is himself.

“You got the last one right – that’s the only person that could beat me, Gervonta Davis. That’s the only person. Those others cannot touch me at all.

NEWS: Bob Arum Says One Man Is Standing In The Way Of Gervonta Davis-Shakur Stevenson Fight

They’ve all been in the ring with me and I’ve cracked them both.

Devin Haney is no 50/50 fight, how you going to keep me off him when he’s got no power. I sparred him twice – the first time his father took him out the ring, I almost knocked him out in Floyd’s gym, did they tell you that?”

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The Haney fight might have to wait with ‘The Dream’ making the move up to 140lbs, where it’s expected he’ll take on Regis Prograis for the WBC title. Stevenson has made no secret of his difficulties finding an opponent, but it now looks likely he’ll face Edwin De Los Santos for the vacant WBC lightweight belt.

As for Davis, he’s aiming to return before the end of the year, with a rematch with Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz being the current front-runner.

After his stunning win over Errol Spence Jr back in July, there are few who believe there are any fighters in the welterweight division capable of defeating undisputed champion Terence Crawford.

However, former 147lbs belt holder Danny Garcia has named the rising star in the division who he believes could get the better of ‘Bud.’

When asked by Fight Hub TV if Jaron Ennis was capable of getting the better of ‘Bud,’ Garcia came in with some high praise for the Philadelphia star.

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“Definitely [Ennis can beat Crawford]. He’s got all the tools and he’s got the work ethic for sure. Right now for him, it’s just about timing, because he’s ready.”

“I always tell people he’s like a young hungry lion sitting on the side of the road, waiting for somebody to slip up. His time is real soon though, and once his time comes, he’s going to be at the top for a long time.”

‘Boots’ retained his IBF interim world title with arguably a career best performance against Roiman Villa earlier this month, becoming the first man to stop the game Colombian at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

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It does look uncertain as to whether he will ever land a shot at Terence Crawford, however, with the 35 year old set to move up to light middleweight for a rematch with Spence, after ‘The Truth’ activated a contractual rematch clause.

If Crawford emerges victorious again, it is difficult him returning back down to 147lbs, with the lure of world titles at higher weight classes – plus a potential super fight with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Terence Crawford is well aware of the viral clip of Gervonta Davis vowing to put “Bud” to sleep if the two ever fight at 147 pounds.

To that, the newly-crowned welterweight champion of the world believes “Tank” should tread lightly.

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“Well, he’s just talking. He’s got the confidence in himself that he believes he can do that, because he’s been knocking all these fighters out that he’s been in the ring with,” Crawford began explaining on “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday.

“No knock to ‘Tank,’ but there’s definitely levels and if he comes up to 147 and he’s thinking he’s just going to knock Terence Crawford out, he’s got another thing coming.”

Just PLAYING around about K.O. Terence Crawford, to get Eyebrows out of  people” — Gervonta Davis … - YouTube

Crawford did confirm that he’d be willing to stay at welterweight a little longer just to wait for Davis, who would be moving up from 135 pounds, as a “Bud” vs. “Tank” bout would be a “big money fight.”

But he’s not so sure that it would benefit him legacy-wise.

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“And then what?” Crawford added, referring to if he’d beat Davis. “Everybody’s gonna say he was too small. Nobody gonna give me credit. They’re gonna say ‘oh man, you beat up a little guy that fights at 135.'”

“What kind of recognition am I gonna get for beating up on ‘Tank’?”

Errol Spence Jr. only knew one feeling. No matter if his bouts ended relatively early or he was forced to go the distance, he always slinked back to his dressing room with a gigantic grin on his face. His family stood by his side while he relived every moment of what just took place. Shortly after, Spence and company would normally celebrate with a post-fight victory.

It was a common tradition for Spence and his family. On July 29th, however, his routine completely changed.

JUST IN: Terence Crawford Dares Gervonta Davis ‘To Be Great’: “Come Touch My Chin”

Terence Crawford had been seething for years. The pound-for-pound star always believed that, of the two, he was the far superior fighter. But, due to the political side of boxing, the pair never settled the debate in the ring until that very night.

Candidly, there was nothing competitive about their undisputed clash. With Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) dropping the former unified titlist on three separate occasions before finishing him off in the ninth, Spence walked back to his dressing room despondently.

His head sunk low as he was surrounded by family and friends, trying to make sense of what just happened. Still, despite the one-sided beating he endured, Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) isn’t unnerved over what took place. Just a few short days ago, the 33-year-old officially activated his immediate rematch clause. Now, the Dallas native will play the waiting game as he hopes Crawford will agree for their sequel to take place at 154 pounds.

NEWS: Terence Crawford fans flames with Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis: ‘Come up here with the big boys’

July 29th was a star-studded event. From NBA players to iconic entertainers, practically everyone was in attendance. Amongst them, Claressa Shields also sat ringside.

Once news formally broke that Spence was jumping right back into the ring with the newly crowned undisputed welterweight champion, she cringed. Shields, a former Olympic teammate of Spence, has always been a fan of his.

Aktifkan Duel Ulang, Claressa Shields Khawatir Errol Spence Jr Jadi  Bulan-bulanan Terence Crawford Lagi

Ultimately, she respects his decision to walk back into the fire after being on the receiving end of a brutal beating. In terms of how things will play out, Shields paused for a second. She thought long and hard about the possibility of both Spence and Crawford swapping fists at 154 pounds as opposed to 147.

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She sat down and contemplated the scenarios. Yet, she couldn’t shake the lasting images of a beaten and bruised Spence on the canvas. While it won’t be as lopsided the second time around, Shields is convinced that Crawford simply has his number.

“I think he will train hard,” Shields told Marko Boxing during a recent interview. “I think he will be better. He can put forth a better effort but when somebody destroys you like that, they always got the ups on you.”

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis has built a reputation in the sport of boxing as one of the most feared punchers and efficient operators.

The Baltimore native has 27 knockouts from 29 wins, the latest of which was a career-best over Ryan Garcia.

The seventh round body shot stoppage cemented ‘Tank’s status as one of boxing’s megastars, and further proved his worth at the very top level.

JUST IN: Gervonta Davis Breaks Silence On Possible Crawford Fight: “I’m The Face Of Boxing”

His undefeated record is under fire from lightweight rival, Shakur Stevenson, though. The 26-year-old from Newark recently branded a fight with Davis as the biggest out there for him.

Gervonta davis



Earlier this year, he vowed to ‘expose’ Davis, believing beating him over the distance would ‘mess with his heart.’

“He fighting pay-per-view knocking these dudes out. That don’t take away the fact that I can beat this dude. That dude get to feeling himself and feeling like he’s something that he not. To the world he look like a killer, but I can’t wait – I’m gonna expose him, I promise you. Watch.

I’m gonna be the person that expose him. I’m gonna be the person he go in there and he not gonna knock out. He gotta go twelve rounds with somebody beating him. He ain’t gonna like that s**t. That gonna mess with his heart, f**k with his head. Watch.”

 A fight between the two 135lbers is high on the lists of boxing fans, but won’t be happening this year.

Stevenson is set to fight for the vacant WBC title in November against fellow undefeated southpaw, Frank Martin, whilst Davis eyes a ring return a little later, potentially against Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz.

Terence Crawford has doubled down on the promise that he would remain in the welterweight division if Gervonta Davis wanted to move up and fight him.

Following a career-best victory over Errol Spence Jr

Despite those plans seeming solid, he has been consistently asked about the potential of a fight with lightweight, ‘Tank’ Davis. The questions stem from a clip on social media in which the smaller man claims he could stop Crawford quickly.

Despite beliefs from ‘Tank’s team that the narrative is ‘dumb’ and that he was initially joking in the recording, the undisputed welterweight champion doesn’t seem to be playing around with his invite.

He told Sway that he would be there waiting should the Baltimore native ‘want to dare to be great.’

to become undisputed at 147lbs, ‘Bud’ Crawford is readying a move up to super-welterweight to win titles in one last division before he hangs up the gloves.Terence crawford and Gervonta davis

“Yeah, if he wanna dare to be great and be like all the other fighters that’s moving up two weight classes. Tell him come up here. He said I got a glass chin. So tell him come and touch it. At 147. I make 147 for him.”

“Then what the people gonna say? ‘Oh he’s beatin’ up on little guys.’”

‘Tank’ has also played a part in this stellar year for boxing, having beaten previously-undefeated Ryan Garcia three months before the Spence-Crawford fight.

He’s now looking at a return to the ring towards the end of the year and, despite the buzz around a Crawford fight, will likely be at 135lbs where he continues to move towards world titles.

‘Tank’ and Shakur are regarded as two of the biggest talents in the lower divisions, but it seems that both stars won’t meet in the ring, not anytime soon.

Bad news for boxing fans. Although they had been toying with the idea of seeing Gervonta Davis take on Shakur Stevenson inside the ring, it seems that won’t happen, at least in the near future.

Davis’ coach Calvin Ford has rejected the possibility of a mega-fight with Shakur Stevenson, saying that Tank wouldn’t be paid enough.

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Ford is not interested in seeing his fighter face the likes of Stevenson, Vasiliy Lomachenko, or Frank Martin, but he would welcome a rematch clash with Isaac Cruz.

From a career standpoint, fighting the Mexican would be a safer bet, as Davis has already defeated Pitbull, although it has been one of Tank’s hardest fights to date. Gervonta earned a hard-fought unanimous decision to defeat Cruz when many expected a routine knockout win.

Gervonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson

Avoiding Stevenson: a money issue or a defeat fear?

It seems obvious that although Ford speaks about Stevenson not putting in the big money numbers for him to face Davis, there might be a ‘fear factor’ of a first-ever defeat for the Baltimore-bred star.

Stevenson is considered by many as the future of boxing, as he’s one of the most complete boxers, all divisions included.

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“If you look at the numbers they’re putting out, it doesn’t make sense,” said Ford to Fighthype.

“Once they understand the business, you can’t go in there asking for a whole bunch of money. Shakur got offered some money from Devin Haney. Do you see the way he turned it down? Tank isn’t taking a pay cut”, he added.

I wouldn’t say it’s his biggest fight [Shakur]. His biggest fight is every fight. Y’all see that. It’s just another fight we got to look at”, Ford continued.

However, he also said that although it may be too soon for Stevenson to face Davis, a fight between them seems inevitable and a matter of time:

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It’s going to happen one day. We just got to be prepared for it when it happens”.

While Cruz is Davis’ likeliest opponent, Stevenson has shown lots of interest in fighting the current undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney and the two-time Olympic gold medalist and former three-weight class world champion shortly.