Keith Thurman


Former champion Keith Thruman also responded to Crawford’s tweet about never fighting for the title. Crawford’s remarks were met with disapproval by Thurman, and he criticized ‘Bud’s’ recent win over Errol Spence.

JUST IN: Keith Thurman MOCKINGLY responded to Terence Crawford’s tweet

Thurman asserted that the thirty-five-year-old had not defeated an established champion when he referred to Spence. Furthermore, Thurman asserted that he would be a dominant force against Spence, whose performance while fighting Terence Crawford remained average.

However, regardless of Garcia and Thurman firing shots back at Crawford, their fights might never happen. In addition, Crawford has set Canelo Alvarez as his next target and has shifted focus from them. He could also rematch Errol Spence if Spence triggers the rematch clause.