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Despite what people thought, Ryan Garcia both literally and figuratively defied the odds to put Devin Haney on the ground. However, does this massive win over his career rival qualify him to face perhaps the biggest challenge of his professional career? Who’s the challenge? Simply put, last year Garcia suffered his first career defeat, which also attracted a lot of criticism for him.

Despite winning the early rounds, Gervonta Davis finished Garcia via body shot in the seventh round of their fight in April last year. The Victorville native even had to take a knee to prevent further damage. However, with his performance against Haney, Garcia proved a fight with Davis at a higher weight limit and, without a rehydration clause, would look different. Even Canelo Alvarez agreed when asked about it in an interview with iFL TV recently.

Ryan Garcia's threat to Gervonta Davis: I'm going to knock you out in two  rounds | Marca

After his grand arrival at MGM Grand Resort & Casino in Las Vegas ahead of the Cinco de Mayo weekend fight against Jaime Munguia, a bunch of reporters surrounded the Mexican superstar for answers to a variety of questions. However, one stood out from the others! Having described his thoughts about Garcia’s fight against Haney, Canelo turned to the future.

As Canelo was trying to move away from the crowd of reporters, one reporter threw in the Gervonta Davis rematch. Canelo quickly turned around to answer one last question and said, “It will be good!” Regardless, while appearing in the PBD podcast with Patrick Bet David recently, Garcia revealed it’s unlikely the fight would happen, even though he desperately wants it. Garcia claimed Davis didn’t want it.

Even if the fight does happen, it won’t be anytime soon because Davis is slated to face Frank Martin in June. Garcia seems to have a flood of options in front of him, including Isaac CruzJaron Ennis, and more. However, one of those fighters from ‘more’ has expressed interest in facing Garcia.

Boxing: Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia: "It's not a big fight," Davis  promoter | Marca

Last year, before Garcia was about to fight Oscar DuarteTeofimo Lopez revealed in an interview that he was offered a deal to fight Ryan Garcia, but he declined the offer because the money wasn’t enough. However, as Garcia defeated Haney recently, ‘The Takeover’ seems to have changed his mind.

Speaking to Punsh Drunk Boxing, Lopez said, “We could do something in September, December. You know? It doesn’t necessarily have to be at my weight class. It could be a catchweight. So, that way, we don’t have to have any problems moving forward.” If this fight becomes real, it has the potential to be another crowd-pleaser for Garcia.

Who Ryan Garcia will end up fighting is currently unknown! It’s clear that Garcia would jump on the opportunity to redeem himself against Gervonta Davis, but he might have to settle for Teofimo Lopez for now. Do you think Davis will give Garcia the rematch?


Floyd Mayweather seems to be on his vengeance arc, as he ripped into Davin Haney’s game! Before the Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney fight, Devin’s father, Bill Haney, took numerous digs at the five-division champion for leaking sparring footage of Haney and Gervonta Davis. Not to mention, ‘The Dream’ expressed his disdain with the legendary

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At the time, Mayweather hadn’t spoken much about his former pupil or the comments about him from Devin’s father. However, that seems to have changed in a big way! As Ryan Garcia shocked the world by defeating the former undisputed lightweight champion in one of the most brutal exchanges on Saturday, Floyd showed up in an interview with Fight Hype today to point out the kinks in Haney’s armor.

Floyd Mayweather: "It was 6-0, it wasn't close" - Devin Haney's father  calls out Floyd Mayweather, challenges 50-0 boxer to release sparring  footage with son

Speaking to the undefeated legend of boxing, Ben Thompson from Fight Hype asked whether Devin Haney can bounce back. So, Mayweather reflected on “The Dream” Haney’s moves in the ring, and he seemed less than impressed with Haney’s skills. Having dealt with numerous formidable foes, Mayweather said, “For starters, he gotta turn his shots to get the power.”

Besides claiming Haney’s punches lacked power, Mayweather had a lot to say about Devin’s jab. “You can’t be shooting your jabs like this. Amateurs do this. When you [are a] professional, we here, boom boom,” said Mayweather as he demonstrated the right way! To further prove his point, Mayweather highlighted his iconic fight against Arturo Gatti.

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“Every time I did my s**t out there, I just like this because I know that the motherf**ker got a hook,” said Mayweather. He pointed out that most knockouts come from the hook because it comes out of nowhere, leaving the fighters wide open. According to ‘Money,’ that’s what happened to Devin during the fight. “In the eleventh round, when [Devin] got knocked down, he didn’t see the shot coming,” said Mayweather.

Boxing news: 'Next Floyd Mayweather' Devin Haney looks to impress on  Matchroom debut | Boxing | Sport | Express.co.uk

Considering all that, Mayweather realized, “So, it’s a lot of things that [have] to be taught to him.” Coming back to the original question, Mayweather said, “Can he bounce back? Anything can happen.” Meanwhile, Mayweather seems to have gotten into a heated back-and-forth with Bill Haney as well.

Devin Haney might have lost his fight, but Bill Haney isn’t backing down all the trash talk. In a recent pinch, the father and trainer was confronted by Floyd Mayweather himself on an Instagram live session. Floyd said, “If your son is undefeated in the gym, congratulations. Congratulations that you got an undefeated fighter in the gym.” 

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He then added, “I’m an under the lights type fighter. Bill, let me ask you a question. What’s my record under the lights?” Hearing this, Bill said, “But listen, what’s your record in life?” Mayweather, of course, responded by claiming he was undefeated even in life, prompting a disrespectful answer from Bill. “Flexing that punk ass 50-0, I’m 50-0 on these streets. I got love in these streets. F**k your 50-0 with that boxing s**t, that s**t [doesn’t] mean nothing,” said Bill.

With Haney’s luck taking an unforeseen turn, Floyd Mayweather didn’t miss the opportunity to highlight the weaknesses in Devin’s game. However, it’s worth mentioning that Devin Haney defeated Vasiliy Lomachenko, who is one of the greats in lightweight. So, it could have been just a bad day for Haney. Nonetheless, what are your thoughts on Mayweather’s assessment?



Ryan Garcia was the ultimate underdog going into the fight against Devin Haney last weekend. Nobody, besides a handful of Garcia’s fans, thought he would defeat ‘The Dream,’ that too in such a dominant fashion. But that didn’t include Claressa Shields, who was present at the venue and predicted Haney’s win.

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However, Garcia literally defied the odds to prove not only Shields wrong, but what seems like the majority of the boxing world. Nevertheless, though she is happy for Garcia, ‘The Goat’ feels ‘The Flash’ needs help! Something she revealed on social media yesterday with her heartfelt message to the boxer. However, the question is, why does she feel that way?

Boxing Rankings (Oct. 17): Shields and women's P4P, Wilder, more - Bad Left  Hook

Turning to X, the two-division undisputed female champion wrote, “Winning erases so much stuff. Even [though] Ryan won and I’m happy he proved me & a lot of us wrong! He still [needs] to go sit and talk with someone.” As to why she feels that way, it could have something to do with Garcia’s bizarre antics on X leading up to the fight.

It’s widely understood that all of his antics, conspiracy theories, and whatnot, was all a ploy to make Haney drop his guard, to convince everyone he wasn’t serious about the fight. Garcia even took advantage of that by betting $2 million on himself and making $12 million from the bet alone.

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However, Shields isn’t convinced all of those posts could have been to fool the world into thinking he wasn’t ready. So, Shields further added in her tweet, “Real s**t. [I don’t care] how y’all feel about it.” Despite what Shields thinks, a UFC legend is sure about Garcia’s marketing tactics.

Claressa Shields earned her title as the GWOAT after beating Savannah  Marshall | Daily Mail Online

In a social media post, Ryan Garcia claimed his fight against Devin Haney made him $50 million and more. So, it’s safe to say, marketing tactic or not, Garcia’s antics on X paid off big! So, while speaking about Garcia’s antics in his YouTube videoChael Sonnen didn’t hesitate to compare the boxer with Dennis Rodman.

Sonnen said, “I was going to say Ryan Garcia, and there was a basketball player named Dennis Rodman. I was just going to compare those two because they were very open and used that as part of their media, using it as part of their marketing.” It’s worth mentioning that like Garcia, Rodman was very unapologetic during his time in the sport, and because of it, he got a lot of attention.

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It seems like Claressa Shields is still worried about Garcia’s mental health, as she advises him to seek help. However, the likelihood of that happening seems low, since Ryan Garcia is back on X raising all sorts of hell. What do you think about Shields’ advice for Garcia? Let us know in the comments.


The promoter is desperate to see a major fight at 140lbs.

Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn has called for WBO super lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez to face one of his new signings, IBF title holder Subriel Matias.

Lopez made a successful first defence of his title last week with a unanimous decision win over Jamaine Ortiz in Las Vegas. However, Lopez’s performance was met with criticism with some doubting whether he could be a force at 140lbs.

Jamaine Ortiz Teofimo Lopez

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Following his win, Lopez continued to call out for a clash with unified welterweight champion Terence Crawford, but the Nebraska fighter has been quick to dismiss any challenges from Lopez.

Now Hearn has called for Lopez to face Matias in what would be a huge unification fight when detailing his plans for the Puerto Rican during an interview with Matchroom Boxing’s YouTube channel.

“I want him [Matias] to fight all the big fights at 140lbs,” Hearn said.

“You’ve got the winner of Haney against Ryan Garcia, just give me Teofimo Lopez for Subriel Matias.

“Please if you’re watching this, Teofimo Lopez please fight Subriel Matias, it will make me smile.”


The World Boxing Council has confirmed that Devin Haney will defend his WBC super lightweight title on April 20 before the official announcement.

Golden Boy and DAZN have yet to put out a release on Haney facing Ryan Garcia despite posting that the fight got signed for the spring. The venue is also not confirmed.

However, the WBC revealed what they know ahead of an official confirmation from Golden Boy, DAZN, Haney, and Garcia.

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Ryan Garcia Devin Haney

Devin Haney title defense

The WBC stated: “After several weeks of negotiating, World Boxing Council super lightweight champ Devin Haney will defend his title against Ryan García. The protagonists of this attractive fight announced it through their social networks. The possible fight date will be April 20, with a venue to be defined.

“With a record of 31-0, champion Haney was born in San Francisco, California, 25 years ago. He has just won the 140-pound title after defeating Regis Prograis. Devin turned professional at age 16 but could not do so in the United States due to minimum age regulations, so his first fights were in Mexico.

“His first professional rival was the Mexican Gonzalo López. He knocked out Lopez in the first round with 33 seconds left. Since December 11, 2015, and after eight years, the American remains undefeated. He will now face Ryan García, with whom he has already had six fights in the amateur arena, winning three each.

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Ryan Garcia on April 20

“Ryan García (24-1), who was already interim WBC lightweight champion, comes into this fight after knocking out the tough Mexican Oscar Duarte last December 2.”

After talks with Rolly Romero fell through, further details regarding Haney vs Garcia will come from Oscar De La Hoya. Floyd Mayweather had urged Garcia to face Romero instead until discussions fell flat.

Romero claimed the offer was not as good as Al Haymon’s offer to face Isaac Cruz. He later retracted that statement and admitted the Garcia offer was more from De La Hoya.


Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis met in one of the biggest fights of the year in 2023, and while ‘King Ry’ may have been stopped in the bout, he now says that ‘Tank’ does not have any power.

Garcia and Davis fought at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in a huge PPV showdown last April, and after months of build-up, it was ‘Tank’ who was victorious, earning the stoppage in the seventh round to hand Garcia his first professional defeat.

‘King Ry’ was dropped twice in the bout, once to the head and once to the body, with the body shot proving to be the finishing blow as he was unable to get up before the referee reached the count of ten.

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Gervonta Davis; Ryan Garcia

Although he may have been beaten inside the distance by Davis, who has won 27 of his 29 fights by knockout, Garcia still doesn’t believe that his rival has power, telling Jack Alter that it’s his accuracy that was the key difference.

“He can not hit hard I’m telling you. It’s his accuracy. The punches that you don’t see are the ones that hurt you. Not the ones that you do see.

“There are some people that even if you see it, that sh*t hurts. He’s not like that. He’s what he is, he’s an accurate sniper. He’s a sniper.”

Garcia returned to winning ways in December with a knockout win over Oscar Duarte, and now turns his attention to a huge clash with WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney in April, and the back and forth between those two men has already begun.


Ryan Garcia’s loss last year to Gervonta “Tank” Davis followed weeks of banter between the two fighters that sometimes seemed to cross a line.

Yet Garcia says his upcoming fight against Devin Haney is “way more personal” than the April 2023 bout against Davis.

Speaking to the DAZN Boxing Show, Garcia explained why his fight against the WBC world super lightweight champion hits closer to home than his showdown with “Tank.”

Devin Haney Ryan Garcia

“I just don’t like people like them,” Garcia said of Haney. “They’re fake, they’re phony, they have no substance to them.


“Even the way he boxes, it’s like he has no substance. No anything behind it, no weight. He’s fake diamonds.

“How could you tell the difference between a real diamond and a fake diamond or fake gold and real gold? The weight.

“They’re fake, a hundred percent. Phonies.”


Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney are preparing for what can become one of the biggest fights of this year.

The two have already signed a deal and the date for the long-awaited bout has also been set. Now, the only thing to do is to wait for the two to settle their differences through the might of their fists. However, it won’t be an easy task for either of them. However, the Dream seems more than confident.

Considering Haney’s status as the former undisputed lightweight champion and Garcia’s quick hands, the fight can go either way. But for Haney, the outcome of the fight has already been decided. He is sure about his plans to come in April. Here’s what ‘The Dream’ plans to do to Garcia in their upcoming match-up.

Ryan Garcia Devin Haney

Garcia faced criticism after a TKO defeat to Gervonta Davis last April, rebounding with a win against Oscar Duarte in December. Now, Devin Haney, 25, is determined to make Ryan Garcia “quit.”

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Their professional clash, following six amateur encounters, has fueled intense speculation. Garcia, provoked the narrative, urging prayers for Haney’s well-being and insinuating that his father might have to intervene during their fight. Haney, while responding to the question of the fight’s outcome on DAZN Boxing, replied, asserting Garcia’s history of quitting and predicting a similar outcome on fight night.

The Dream stated, “We’ve seen Ryan quit before and I think this won’t be anything different. Once you have that quit in you, it’s installed in you, you know how to do it. I think he’ll quit on April 20th.”

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gervonta davis

The Dream stated, “We’ve seen Ryan quit before and I think this won’t be anything different. Once you have that quit in you, it’s installed in you, you know how to do it. I think he’ll quit on April 20th.”

Bill Haney, Devin’s father, and trainer, didn’t shy away from addressing Garcia’s personal life. In a tweet, he shared an image of the book ‘Pimp’ by Iceberg Slim. Hinting at Garcia’s recent divorce, Bill Haney wrote, “Here ya go kid @RyanGarcia read this and your ex-wife will magically walk back in your life and you will live happily ever after.”

This personal jab adds a new dimension to the already intense rivalry, making their upcoming clash not only a battle for supremacy in the ring but a showdown with personal feelings.


‘KingRy’s about-face from one potential opponent to another has come under scathing attack both from fans and pundits alike. But in certain quarters, it’s felt that the criticism against Ryan Garcia is unwarranted.

The year began with updates about talks going on for a fight with Devin Haney. But soon came the shock that Ryan Garcia wanted to fight Rolando Romero instead. Subsequently, Jose Ramirez replaced Romero’s name. The noise of a call out to Isaac ‘Pitbull Cruz also echoed. So most fans must be heaving a sigh of relief now that the Garcia-Haney fight is back on track for good. But the development hasn’t seen a let-off in the share of flak reserved for ‘KingRy’. However, a former champion feels that what Garcia has been doing is all for a good reason.

Boxer Ryan Garcia announces birth of son, divorce in consecutive posts;  later deletes latter | Fox News

After all, Ryan Garcia served as a catalyst in bringing about one of the biggest fights last year. Though it’s a different fact, he ended up experiencing the first loss of his career. Nevertheless, the question remains. Does Garcia deserve credit for bringing about a hugely successful bout? Former welterweight champion Andre Berto might find himself among the select few who feel there’s a justification behind what ‘KingRy’ does.


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The Haitian-American boxer, who returned to the ring last December after a gap of five years, believes Ryan Garcia deserves more respect than he gets now. Time and again, he has proven that records are the last thing that occupies his mind. “Gotta show @RyanGarcia some respect, kid showing he doesn’t care about protecting the record,” said ‘The Beast’.

He is trying his best to bring about huge, significant battles. He enjoys a massive following across social media. Hence, if he wanted, he could have just played to the gallery and fought boxers with little to no skills. Instead, he has been chasing big names because the only thing he longs for is respect.

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Just trying to make the biggest fights happen in his division. He’s popular, has a huge following. He could easily play the internet game and fight bums, but he wants real respect,” Andre Berto said.

Ryan Garcia finally has a fight in hand. He will face archrival Devin Haney on April 20 in Las Vegas. The agreement comes nearly a month after the first attempt to seal a deal caved in. Scores of fans must be praying with fingers crossed, wishing that the match makes it through this time. After all, by any stretch of thought, it’s a big fight not only for Garcia and his fans but, most critically, for boxing itself.


Ryan Garcia‘s altercation with Devin Haney at the Super Bowl LVIII Radio Row has taken the internet by storm. However, several well-known entities belonging to the boxing world sharply disapproved of the incident. Among others, Gervonta Davis, Jake Paul, and Jermall Charlo sarcastically reacted to Ryan Garcia pushing Devin Haney.

Only yesterday, it was confirmed that after all the drama, Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney finally signed a deal. As per the deal, the two will share the ring on April 20th with Haney’s WBC Super-Lightweight title on the line. Ahead of the fight, the duo ran into a brawl, shocking the boxing world.

Devin Haney Ryan Garcia

At the Super Bowl LVIII Radio Row, as soon as Devin Haney spotted Ryan Garcia, ‘The Dream’ sought Garcia’s attention. However, ‘KingRy’ reminded Haney that the two were not friends and would fight on the 20th of April. In addition, he called Haney’s father a pimp. “Your dad is a pimp and he’s pimping you. I’m a beat you. You’re soft. Your dad can’t talk for you,” Garcia told Haney. However, Haney responded to Garcia by calling the latter “whack“.

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At this Garcia, proceeded to allude to the sparring session between Devin and Gervonta Davis, now Abdul Wahid after converting to Islam. “We saw that video with ‘Tank’. He beat your a**. Floyd showed me he had you a** beaten,” stated ‘KingRy’. At this, although Haney promised to defeat Garcia in the ring, the latter called ‘The Dream’ a ghost and violently pushed him.

Undoubtedly, as soon as the altercation between Haney and Garcia became public, several entities from the boxing world reacted to it. Later, FightHype uploaded a compilation of the reactions that Ryan Garcia’s violent encounter with Haney received.

Former professional boxer Raúl Márquez was disgusted by the incident. “IMO is this what boxing has come to? This fake nonsense? No need for this act,” he said.

Similarly, in a sarcastic tone, Jake Paul said, “Ooh this got me rock hard. Can ya’ll kiss next time?

Meanwhile, Anthony Dirrel wrote, “Oh wow“.

Likewise, Jermall Charlo wrote, “Smh“.

However, Gervonta Davis said, “Wwe“.

With that said, what did you think of the altercation between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney? Do you think they scripted the confrontation? In addition, are you excited to see the two fight? Let us know in the comments below.