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Iga Swiatek creates history at Roland Garros!

It has been just a while since the tennis star raised her hand in excitement after securing a massive straight-set win over Jasmine Paolini. While she’s headed on the right track to chase the legendary legacy of former pros like Serena Williams and Chris Evert, she managed to etch her name forward with a record that even the biggest names couldn’t hit.

Iga Swiatek’s attempt to defend her Roland Garros title turned out to be successful. While the history books already have names of those who have secured bigger digits, the fact that she hit this feat at just the age of 23 carves her name with golden alphabets. An active social media page recently shared a post to regard her massive feat.

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“Iga Swiatek is the only woman EVER to win Roland Garros four times before turning 24,” the update said, making it clear that she achieved it even before Serena and Chris Evert. Along with that, the post also stated a fact that drew her name parallel to that of ATP clay court legends Rafael Nadal and Boris Becker.

“On the men’s side, only Rafael Nadal and Bjorn Borg have done this,” the caption included. Iga Swiatek’s early success has brought feats that no other WTA star could achieve. While she currently stands on a massive win streak of 21 matches, including titles in Madrid, Rome, and now at Roland Garros, it is evident that her path to success barely has any hurdles to slow her down.

Iga Swiatek has proved to be unstoppable lately. The Pole started the clay court season with the event in Madrid and therefore didn’t lose even a single match so far. Along with that, she also etched her fourth Roland Garros title at just the age of 23, making everyone bow down to her determination. While Chris Evert was exposed to queries about her thoughts on the Pole’s form, she agreed to the fact that it scares her.

“I think about it every day! When I put my head on the pillow I’m worried about Iga,” Evert said. While this was just a cheeky statement, the former pro also made a legendary prediction for Swiatek. “I think Iga Świątek will end up on double digits,” she added, along with accepting the fact that the Pole would easily surpass her number.

The whole tennis world is currently regarding the massive win of Iga Swiatek. As she now has four French Open titles along with a US Open win, her portfolio continues to be even stronger!

She may be retired for nearly two years now from professional tennis, but Serena Williams continues to motivate her fans. In a recent update, the 42-year-old mother of two flaunted her fitness levels. Her consistency and dedication to maintaining a healthy physique ended up captivating her fans.

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Many fans have speculated that Serena Williams might be gearing up for a comeback. Just a few days ago, she teased her fans online about ‘hitting the balls’, which left everyone guessing. Now, she has proven that she’s definitely in the right shape for a return.

Williams took to her Instagram and shared a small video of her doing splits and yoga.

Serena Williams Announces Her Retirement From Tennis | Vogue

The clip had a compilation of pictures of Williams doing yoga in a tight, pale pink yoga dress. Serena’s yoga postures were carried out, quite unsurprisingly, on a tennis court. The legendary athlete clubbed the video to Tommy Richman’s ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

It was just the perfect Instagram post that had her fans inspired.

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Here’s how some of her fans reacted to the clip:

It’s been less than a year since Serena Williams gave birth to her second daughter – Adira River Ohanian. Looking at her toned physique 10 months after childbirth, it is super impressive how she has regained her fitness levels back.

Serena Williams’ childbirth stories were both inspiring and scary

Serena Williams Attempts to Fit Into Valentino Skirt

Before giving birth to her second daughter in 2023, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian brought their first child Alexis Olympia Ohanian into this world in 2020. While it was a humbling experience and the most rewarding thing to ever happen in Williams’ life, it was also a scary event for her. Williams faced a few health complications, about which she has spoken in detail to CNN in 2020.

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Therefore, to come out of this complication, then play for two more years, and then have another child a year later, is truly what makes her inspirational. With her upcoming 8-part series ‘In The Arena: Serena Williams’, fans will be excited to learn a whole lot more about her life.

Serena Williams kicks off her daily beauty routine with a wry shout-out to her mother. Removing the undereye patches she’s been prepping her skin with, the Olympic gold medalist quips, “Lord knows I need moisture under my eyes. I hear it’s hereditary, so thank you, Mom.” Then the tennis star shares the rest of her simple skin-care routine and the thick-brow trick she uses to maintain her signature look.

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After hydrating her eyes, the 42-year-old lights up her skin-care regimen with CurrentBody’s LED face mask. “It soothes your skin,” she explains. “It calms everything down.” After 10 minutes, she’s ready to unmask and wash her face with Dr. Barbara Sturm cleanser. Serum is the next step, and Williams uses Eadem’s milky formulation, followed by La Roche-Posay eye cream. With every step, she minds her mother’s advice. “My mom told me ages ago, ‘Always go up on your skin,’” Williams says, dutifully applying her products with an upward hand motion. As an act of self-care, she gives herself a face massage using BeautyStat moisturizer. Then it’s time for makeup.

Serena Williams' Go-To Red Carpet Mascara Is 30-Percent Off This Weekend -  NewBeauty

“I am going to be running around—I don’t have time to do this full-on-glam red-carpet look,” she says. Her routine begins with an SPF-enhanced skin tint from her brand, Wyn Beauty. “The shade range goes from darkest to lightest,” she says. “Being a person-of-color founder, it’s so important to do something…to empower so many people that look like you.” Later, she adds: “Growing up, it was hard not to notice that there wasn’t a lot of stuff in my shade.”

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After using L.A. Girl color corrector under her eyes, she swipes on Pat McGrath’s creamy concealer—and explains that she’s not the only one in her house “obsessed” with the product. “I think [my daughter] Olympia likes it too,” she says. “She actually plays a lot in my makeup.”

Serena Williams Has a Genius Eyebrow Hack - The New York Times

As she darkens her eyebrows using Wyn’s brow pencil, Williams says: “I was a stickler about making sure [the pencil] wasn’t dry. I love my brows. I know a lot of people are like, ‘They’re too thick.’ Well, they’re my brows! I like them thick.” After brushing her brows into the shape she prefers, Williams makes them more pronounced by adding concealer underneath the arches. She moves onto her cheeks next, giving them color with Fenty contour and a creamy blush. “I like to keep my blush high, which makes my face happy,” she says.

Before wrapping up with Wyn’s mascara and lip and cheek color, the California native explains what winning means to her—beyond being the phonic muse for her beauty brand.

UPDATE:Fans Are Worried About Serena Williams After She Tweeted I Am Not Ok Take Care Of You

“Winning isn’t about just winning championships,” she says. “It’s about winning in life. It could be winning and having a kid—that’s a huge victory!” After locking in her look with Charlotte Tilbury’s setting spray, the mother of two is ready to bring her beauty wins out into the world. “I feel good now,” she says. “I’m feeling confident. I feel like winning.” And with that, she’s off to pick up her daughter.


Coming soon to Netflix: “Serena in Paris.”

OK, not quite. But the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion did step out at a pair of shows this week for Paris Fashion Week for the fashion houses Balmain and Off-White.

Serena Williams wore a black, midi dress adorned with a white rose down the front to the Balmain show, which was also attended by singer Cher and actress Ashley Park, who plays the role of Mindy Chen on “Emily in Paris,” and was joined at the Off-White show by models Alessandra Ambrosio and Ashley Graham, recording artists Halle Bailey and Willow Smith, and actress Lisa Rinna, among others.

Serena Williams

Williams got a sneak peek at the brands’ 2024-25 fall and winter collections  at the shows, but she owns a personal connection to the Off-White fashion house in particular — which was founded by Virgil Abloh, a close friend.

Abloh, who passed away in 2021 after a battle with cancer, collaborated with Williams’ longtime apparel sponsor Nike to design her match clothes for the 2018 US Open and the 2019 French Open. He also designed her a pair of custom Nike Air Force 1s for the 2019 Met Gala.

In February of 2022, Williams walked the runway in the designer’s honor at Paris Fashion Week. She paid tribute to her late friend again on Instagram by posting “#VirgilForever” to go along with snapshots of the outfit she wore for this year’s show — a black, bodycon dress with cutouts along the sides, and a black-and-white varsity letter jacket.

Serena Williams

At Off-White show, Williams joked with The People Gallery — an influential fashion TikTok account run by Brookyln-based stylist Maurice Kamara that boasts 1 million followers — that her “high-school boyfriend” gifted her the accent piece, and offered a style tip to fashion mavens everywhere.

“My style tip [is] be yourself. Own who you are, be OK with that,” she said. “If you want to be different, it’s OK to be different. Just be you.”

Venus Williams took to Instagram to recount one of the most special wins of her career as the seven-time Grand Slam champion still remembers extremely well her first WTA title after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. 

After struggling with fatigue and painful joints for seven years without a clear reason, Williams – now 43 years old – was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome in 2011. Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease, usually reflects in dry eyes and mouth but can also impact other parts of the body. Fatigue and pain in joints are also pretty common in people battling Sjogren’s syndrome.

Following her diagnosis in 2011, Williams stepped away from pro tennis to address the issue. After giving a walkover to Sabine Lisicki in the 2011 US Open second round, Williams didn’t play again until 2012 March when she competed in Miami.

Venus Williams

In her first nine comeback tournaments, Williams had a couple of notable runs but they didn’t result in any titles. Then in her last tournament of the season in 2012 October, Williams defeated Monica Niculescu 6-2 6-3 in the Luxembourg Open final to win her 44th WTA title and her first since 2010 February.

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On Instagram Story, Williams posted a photo of her Luxembourg trophy and captioned it: “My first singles win after coming back from nearly a year layoff after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The racquet actually broke off and it just got fixed.”

Williams on what led to her Sjogren’s syndrome diagnosis

As mentioned above, Williams was struggling with fatigue and exhaustion for several years. During that period, Williams visited the doctor several times but would never get the clear answer until 2011, when she finally got to know what was causing her fatigue.

“I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s syndrome,” Williams said in a conversation with Erin Andrews at BIO2022.

Venus Williams opens Cincinnati Open with first win over top-20 opponent in  four years, at the age of 43 | Tennis News | Sky Sports

“Before that, I just would, I felt like I could never get into shape and it made me feel lazy. Because all I have ever done is work hard and it was difficult to work hard and I still worked but I didn’t want to work because I felt so bad.

NEWS: “Without Billie Jean King and Serena Williams, I would not be here – Bianca Andreescu

“I would periodically go to the doctor and say I don’t feel well, I can’t, I’m constantly exhausted. That went on for about seven years before I got too sick.”

While being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that can’t be cured certainly wasn’t easy for Williams, it was still a relief in a way that at least she finally knew what she was dealing it. Over the years, Williams has several times addressed her battle with Sjogren’s syndrome in her YouTube blogs.

“Everyone’s life is affected in different ways with autoimmune diseases,” Williams said in a video uploaded on her YouTube account in 2022 June.

“For me, it really obviously affected my work and my profession. I wasn’t able to play tennis anymore, and I was out of the game for maybe nine months.

“I also had challenges playing my best tennis, so of course that was frustrating especially when you have a high expectation of yourself.”

Williams cannot wear lenses because of her disease

For a person dealing with sight problems, Sjogren’s syndrome absolutely won’t help. When explaining how Sjogren’s syndrome impacts one’s life, Williams revealed wearing contact lenses is a real struggle and almost impossible for her because her eyes are “too dry.”

“Those extra special friends that come along with it are dry eyes and dry mouth. It’s very difficult for me to wear contact lenses. My eyes are just too dry to wear those,” Williams said in a YouTube blog from 2022.

“It can be very uncomfortable to the point where you would get mouth sores so as you can see an extreme level of Sjogren’s Syndrome or extreme flare-up, or extreme symptoms can start to really affect your life.”

Without Venus, There Is No Serena | The New Yorker

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Meanwhile, Williams is currently out of action but she is not retired. After suffering a leg injury during her Wimbledon first-round match, Williams appeared in three tournaments during the North American hard court swing but it was clear that she was limited and far from her best. Following a 6-1 6-1 loss to Greetje Minnen in the US Open first round – in a match where Williams was evidently struggling with an issue – the American decided to take a break so she could properly address her knee injury.

Williams, a former world No. 1, decided against playing any tournaments at the start of the season. Instead, Williams is hoping to play again in Indian Wells and Miami next month.

Over the last few years, Williams hasn’t had much luck with injuries but she is refusing to quit and wants to go out on her own terms. When Williams to returns to action, there is no doubt that one of her priorities will be staying healthy for a longer period.


Bianca Andreescu gave a nod to tennis legends Serena Williams and Billie Jean King as she wished her social media followers a belated Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day on Thursday (February 8).

Andreescu, 23, first shot to fame in 2019, when she won the US Open and two WTA 1000 tournaments in Indian Wells and Toronto. The Canadian, however, has come undone in the following years due to a wide array of injuries.

Despite being outside the women’s top 100, the former World No. 4 is still making a concerted effort to re-enter the higher echelons of tennis. On Thursday, she took to Instagram to give her flowers to retired legends like Serena Williams and Billie Jean King, insisting that they shaped her success thus far.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 7, 2019: Finalist Serena Williams (L) And 2019 US Open  Champion Bianca Andreescu Of Canada During Trophy Presentation At Billie  Jean King National Tennis Center In New York

“Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day,” Bianca Andreescu said in an Instagram story on Thursday. “I’m so grateful for the girls and women in sports who have helped shape my career, like Billie Jean King and Serena Williams. Without them, I would not be here today.”

She also expressed gratitude towards some current top female athletes like reigning US Open champion Coco Gauff and Olympic skier Eileen Gu for inspiring women and girls into taking sports.

“And for the next generation of amazing women in sports who are raising the bar like Eileen Gu and Coco Gauff, it is so amazing to see,” she added.

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Bianca Andreescu has been out of action since last year’s Canadian Open due to a stress fracture in her back. She had a rough season last year, losing 16 of her 31 tour matches until she got injured in August.

Andreescu looked set for her return to the women’s top 30 in 2023, but now she finds herself ranked outside the top 100. Nonetheless, the former US Open champion has more than enough potential to become a top player again, provided she doesn’t have a bout with any more injuries.

Bianca Andreescu wants to 'surpass Serena' and be the best | CTV News

Last December, the 23-year-old disclosed that she was eyeing the Sunshine Double for a possible return to the WTA Tour. She also claimed that she was looking forward to the 2024 season while speaking briefly about her back injury.

“Right now I’m looking at (returning) after the Australia Open or the American Tour, so Indian Wells… maybe,” Bianca Andreescu said (via SportStar). “We’re very close but right now I am still dealing with my back injury.”

“It is getting better every single day and I am doing everything I can to get there as fast as possible but these things take time. I’m feeling very confident for 2024.”


Some members of Chelsea FC’s women’s team picked Coco Gauff, Serena Williams, and Emma Raducanu as their favorite female athletes outside football.

The exercise was conducted on the occasion of USA’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day. The annual observance day dates back to 1987, when it was brought to life by then-US President Ronald Reagan after he signed Proclamation 5606.

Since 1987, it has been celebrated on one of the days in the first week of February. To celebrate the day, community-based events, activities, and award ceremonies are organized, which often feature female athletes of renown.

The Chelsea FC women’s team players who named their picks were Americans Catarina Macario and Mia Fishel, Canada’s Ashley Lawrence, and England’s Aggie Beever-Jones.

Coco Gauff Emma Raducanu

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Brazil-born Macario, who plays as a forward for both Chelsea FC’s women’s team and the USWNT, went first.

“My favorite female athlete outside of soccer is Serena Williams,” she said.

Up next, it was American forward Fishel’s turn.

“My favorite female athlete in the US be Coco (Gauff). She’s the young rising star and she’s killing it”, said Fishel.

Lawrence, a versatile player comfortable across both midfield and defense, also picked Gauff as her favorite.

“My favorite female athlete outside of football is Coco Gauff because she is a tennis player. I love watching tennis and she’s doing amazing things at such a young age, winning Grand Slams, and yeah, she’s just paving the way for future tennis players.”

Beever-Jones was the last one to name her pick.

“My favorite female athlete outside of football is Emma Raducanu.”

The impact Serena Williams has made on tennis is unmatched, due to which her fans continue to regard her as the GOAT even after she has retired. Not just her fans, but even the players she has gone up against in the past. Former coaches still use her game and attitude as examples to guide others and idolize. A recent incident around Patrick Mouratoglou, who never misses a chance to praise Williams, has gone viral online.

Just recently there was a discussion about who is the GOAT when it comes to tennis in the women’s category and a fan raised a question if it was not Serena but Margaret Court. And Mouratoglou came to Williams’ defense immediately.

A recent discussion started by Rafael Nadal about Roger Federer being the GOAT and not Novak Djokovic also ignited a similar discussion around women’s tennis. And Serena Williams’ former coach posted how sports metrics should only be the deciding factor when it comes to declaring someone the GOAT.

So, one of the tennis fans commented on his post that according to this Margaret Court should be the GOAT and not Serena Williams. To which Mouratoglou responded, “No because Margaret Court’s record was established before the Open Era, when tennis was not a professional sport. Cannot compare. Serena is the Goat of Women’s tennis.”


Serena Williams Caught Dancing In Her Bra & Sheer Tights Pics

So according to him, this discussion only revolves around the time when tennis became a professional sport. And this GOAT honor for Serena is not one man’s opinion. A lot of other tennis players also hold her in high regard. One of them is Naomi Osaka.

Tennis legend Serena Williams is working hard in the gym but she came to the conclusion on Tuesday that she’s starting to spend at least half of her time trying to hit the right angles.

Williams posted a mirror selfie from her workout space and admitted she spends a lot of her time trying to get the picture right.

“I spend 50% of my time in the gym taking selfies. Trying to get that perfect angle, that angle that makes me look snatched,” she wrote in the caption. “Well I found that angle so don’t look at me sideways when in person I’m a tad thicccker lol.”

Williams’ followers showed support for her, with some saying she looked great and they wanted to be like her when they grew up.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion and her husband Alexis Ohanian welcomed their second child earlier this year. She made the announcement nearly one year to the day of her last tennis match before stepping off the court and into retirement.

Serena Williams On Mom Guilt and Finding Time for Self Care

She revealed at the Met Gala in May that she was pregnant with her second child.

She wrote in an essay in Vogue last year that growing her family was one of the main reasons why she walked away from the sport.

“Believe me, I never wanted to have to choose between tennis and a family,” she wrote. “I don’t think it’s fair. If I were a guy I wouldn’t be writing this because I’d be out there playing and winning while my wife was doing the physical labor of expanding our family.”

Did she or didn’t she? Five little words, in one post on X, got the tennis world buzzing in September.

After she tested positive for the banned substance roxadustat after the 2022 US Open, Simona Halep’s doping saga was omnipresent in the background of the 2023 tennis season. In May, she was hit with a second violation, in regards to apparent irregularities in her athlete biological passport, and in September, the Romanian was handed down a four-year ban from tennis as a result of the two strikes against her.

While Halep has maintained her innocence, claiming that she took a contaminated supplement, opinion on the case remains divided. But, at least as it seemed, not as far as Serena Williams is concerned. After the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) released its decision on Halep, the 24-time Grand Slam singles champion logged on to give what many considered to be a veiled reference to Halep’s plight.

“8 is a better number,” she posted.

For those of you who might need a refresher on the math: Williams was seeking her eighth career Wimbledon singles title when she lost to Halep 6-2, 6-2 on Centre Court in the 2019 final.

It wasn’t the first time that Tennis Twitter (can we still call it that?) opted to read deep between the lines of one of Williams’ social media posts. (Remember the cryptic “I made you,” that many believed was a reference to Sloane Stephens, including Stephens herself?)

Serena Williams

But a further layer to this alleged call-out comes from the fact that Halep was coached by Patrick Mouratgolou at the time of her positive test, who famously coached Williams for a decade from 2012-22. The French coach has staunchly defended Halep, and in November, said he feels a personal responsibility for her initial positive test because the staff at his academy reccomended the aforementioned supplement to her.

While Williams opted for a nebulous initial comment, her husband, Alexis Ohanian, took a more direct approach by posting a photo from the 2019 US Open, where he famously wore a D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) T-shirt when Williams beat Maria Sharapova—who had served her own doping ban by that point.

“Some fashion is timeless,” he wrote to accompany it.

But no inference was needed for Williams’ reply to him.

“Seriously not out of style,” she wrote.