Terence Crawford and Chris Eubank


Brian McIntyre believes that leading Terence Crawford and Chris Eubank Jr. to big wins wasn’t his biggest headline in 2023.

The veteran trainer had a really, really good year in the ring, to put it mildly. In July, the coach nicknamed ‘Bo-Mac’ led Terence Crawford against Errol Spence Jr. For years, fans had hoped to see the two welterweight champions fight.

However, when they finally met in the ring, it was incredibly lopsided. Thanks to McIntyre’s preparation, Crawford bullied Spence Jr. for nine rounds, knocking him down multiple times to score a stoppage win.

Chris Eubank Jr's trainer Brian 'BoMac' McIntyre arrested at Manchester  Airport | Boxing News | Sky Sports


Later in the year, McIntyre became the trainer for one Chris Eubank Jr. ‘Next Gen’ suffered a stoppage loss earlier in 2023 to Liam Smith. That led the former champion to replace Roy Jones Jr. with McIntyre.

In the end, that was the correct decision, as he avenged the defeat with a knockout win of his own. Sadly, the celebration for McIntyre was short-lived. Days following the victory, he was arrested for trying to board a plane in the U.K. with a firearm.

Terence Crawford becomes undisputed welterweight champion with TKO victory  over Errol Spence Jr | Boxing News | Sky Sports


While McIntyre was named ‘Trainer of the Year’ by many media outlets, he’s not so sure that he got the honor thanks to his training. Speaking to FightHype in a recent interview, the coach speculated (via BoxingScene):

“I think [I won] because I went to jail. I think because I went to jail, my name just—it was Crawford’s win, then Eubank’s win, then [my going] to jail. If I wouldn’t have went to jail they would’ve been like ‘oh, that’s BoMac’. I really do think so. …That’s just my opinion but we did have a good year.”