The UK GREAT Scholarship 2024 provides up to £10,000 in tuition assistance for postgraduate courses that are taught for a full year. The UK GREAT Scholarship 2024–2025 application period is currently open. Fifteen nations can send students to apply for the GREAT Scholarship. Together with partnering UK higher education institutions, the British Council, GREAT Britain Campaign, and the UK government jointly support the scholarship.

In England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, 71 universities will provide 210 scholarships for the 2024–25 academic year. Candidates must be motivated, hold an undergraduate degree, and be interested in the suggested field of study. Additionally, you can look into additional Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students in the UK 2024. Additional information regarding the UK GREAT Scholarship is given below:

About the GREAT Scholarship 2024-25 by British Council & UK Government

  • Scholarship by: UK Government, GREAT Britain Campaign, British Council with participating UK higher education institutes.
  • Financial Benefits: 10,000 Pounds support
  • Deadline: Each institute has set its own deadline.

Eligible Countries List

The UK GREAT Scholarship 2024 in the UK is open to students from 15 countries. Those are:


Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must be from one of the above qualified countries.
  • An undergraduate degree must have been earned by the candidate.
  • Meet the Higher Education Institute’s (HEI) English language requirement in the United Kingdom.
  • Need to stay in touch with the British Council and represent the GREAT Scholarships.

How do I apply for the UK GREAT Scholarship in the UK?

Click the name of the country you are in. To learn more, go to the university page and click on the link to the official university website.

The application date for a GREAT scholarship varies based on the university. By June 30, 2024, the UK HEIs should have awarded the scholarships.

Successful scholars will receive scholarship funding from their respective universities upon registration.

The British Chevening Scholarship 2024 is now accepting applications. Any UK university is eligible to apply for the fully financed Chevening master’s degree scholarship, which is available for a year. And a ton more… All nations are eligible to apply for the UK’s Chevening Scholarship. Remember to read our guidelines for the Chevening Scholarship. One of the top universities in the world is located in the United Kingdom. Variety, friendliness, athletics, food, and much more.

For the academic year 2023, a total of 1,545 Chevening Scholarships were given to deserving young leaders from over 160 countries, according to Chevening. After the application deadline, the selection of Chevening Scholars takes at least eight months. For additional details regarding Chevening Scholarships, choose the best course, university, and advantages, and all details are given below.

Details About British Chevening Scholarship 2024

  • Study Country: UK
  • Degree: Master’s degree
  • Duration: One year
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: 7th November 2024

Benefits of the Chevening Scholarship

The scholarship will pay for all of the following since it is fully funded:

  • The payment of the tuition.
  • Air ticket from your native nation in economy class.
  • An allowance for arrival.
  • application fee for a visa.
  • a leave of absence.
  • A maximum donation of £75 towards tuberculosis tests, if necessary
  • A top-up allowance for travel.
  • Living Allowance to pay for living costs and housing.

You may find all the information you require to properly submit an application in this section of the website.

Who can Apply for the Chevening Scholarship 2024?

The two sections in this section are eligibility and job experience.

Essential Work Experience
In 2022, more than 10,000 applications were submitted; however, they were not qualified. due to their ignorance of Chevening’s 2-year work experience prerequisite.

2,800 hours, or two years, of work experience
Chevening work experience encompasses more than just a formal position. It also includes your paid, unpaid, and voluntary labor, among other things.

Qualifications for the Chevening Scholarship

  • Belong to one of the more than 160 nations or territories that qualify for the Chevening Award.
  • Look up your nation to apply for a Chevening scholarship: https://www.chevening.org/apply/
  • A bachelor’s degree is a must.
  • Possess two years or more of job experience.
  • Not previously received financial assistance from the UK government to study in the country.
  • Zeal, aptitude for leadership, and ardor.
  • Evidence of passing the English Language Test.
  • View the complete list of prerequisites for Chevening eligibility.

Select Courses

Three different master’s courses must be chosen. These could be three different courses offered by the same university or three courses that are comparable offered by up to three different universities.

Make thoughtful selections for your three courses. It won’t be possible for you to change it later.

You may get a list of all courses that qualify for the Chevening scholarship at: https://www.chevening.org/scholarships/find-a-course/

How to Apply for the Chevening Scholarship 2024?

Choose your country first. It will include all detail including the application procedure for the 2024 Chevening Scholarship. Online applications are accepted for the Chevening scholarship.

Helpful Links for Chevening Scholarship 2024

For students outside of the UK, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024 offers fully funded PhD and master’s degrees. A donation made in 2000 by Bill and Melinda Gates to the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom launched this program. 80 students are chosen annually for the Fully Funded Gates Cambridge Scholarship program from all across the world. More than 2,000 scholarships from more than 100 countries have been given out by The Trusty.

There are Gates Scholarships available at the University of Cambridge in every subject. This scholarship is among the world’s most esteemed international awards. and one of the esteemed Commonwealth, Chevening, and UK Scholarships. Are you prepared to advance in your career? Below are some details regarding the scholarship.

Host Country: UK
Scholarship Name: Gates Cambridge Scholarship
University Name: Cambridge University
Scholarship for: Master, PhD, MSC, MLitt
No of Scholarships: 80
Deadline: (11 Match 2024 for USA), (4th July 2024 for all others)

Benefits of the Gates Scholarship

The whole expense of attending Cambridge is covered by the Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

  • University Charge.
  • Maintenance allowance for a single student: up to four years of maintenance allowance (£20,000 for 12 months at the 2023–24 rate; pro rata for courses shorter than 12 months) is available to PhD students.
  • A single ticket for airfare.
  • The cost of the Immigration Health Surcharge and inbound visa fees.

The Trust additionally provides Funding for:

  • £500 to a maximum of £2,000 for courses and conferences attended.
  • Dependent Children Allowance: £11,604 maximum for one child, £16,548 maximum for two or more.
  • Allowance for Fieldwork.
  • Financing for maternity and paternity.
  • Funding for hardships: for unanticipated challenges the student faces.

Academic Fields

All academic fields are eligible for the Gates Cambridge fellowship, with the following exceptions:

  • Any Undergraduate degree, such as BA (undergraduate) or BA affiliated (a second BA).
  • Business Doctorate (BusD).
  • Master of Business (MBA).
  • Master of Finance (MFin).
  • MASt courses
  • PGCE
  • MBBChir Clinical Studies
  • MD Doctor of Medicine degree (6 years, part-time, Home students only)
  • Graduate Course in Medicine (A101)
  • Part-time degrees other than the PhD
  • Non-degree courses

The Gates scholarship does not cover the aforementioned courses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications for the Gates Cambridge scholarship are open to people living outside of the UK.
  • Candidates with superior grades and academic abilities.
  • The candidate must first submit an application to the University of Cambridge for the course.

How to Apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024?

Please submit your application by the deadline listed in the university’s course directory for course funding.

You must fill out the sections pertaining to applying for admission to a course, a college area, and the Gates Cambridge portion of the funding form in order to be eligible for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

When examining applications, Gates Cambridge has access to the complete application for financing and admission.

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission offers three master’s programs, one of which fully funds the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. The MA, MSc, and MLitt master’s programs are available. Applications for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 2024–2025 are now being accepted. Those who meet the requirements will submit applications for a Commonwealth shared scholarship to accredited colleges and courses. Typically, a scholarship is awarded for a whole year.

Only Master’s-level course is eligible for this grant; undergraduate or doctoral studies is not. You can apply to the Commonwealth Split Site PhD Scholarship program for PhD scholarships in the United Kingdom. Every expense will be paid for. The Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are co-funded by participating UK universities and the CSC. Here are some further details regarding the (CSSS).

About Commonwealth Shared Scholarship in UK 2024

This Blog Includes:
About Commonwealth Shared Scholarship in UK 2024

  • Approved Courses and Universities for Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2024
  • Scholarship Benefits
  • Supporting Documents
  • Eligible Countries
  • Applicants Eligibility

Study Country: UK
Host Universities: Approved UK Universities
Degree Level: Master’s Degree program
Duration: 12 Months
Study Begins: September 2024
Deadline: July 14, 2024

Approved Courses and Universities for Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2024

The three master’s degree programs (MA, MSc, and MLitt) must be applied to by candidates in an authorized master’s program at a UK university that is participating.

See the complete list of authorized courses.
View the specifics of every UK university that is taking part.

Advantages of Scholarships.

  • Approved round-trip airfare for the scholar to travel to and from their home country in the UK.
  • Tuition approved: all costs are reimbursed in full.
  • Living allowance (stipend) at the rate of £1,347 per month (rates indicated at current levels) or £1,652 per month for students attending universities in the London metropolitan region.
  • Allowance for warm clothing, where applicable.
  • Travel grant for studies, either domestically in the UK or abroad.
  • A child payment of £576.61 per month for the first child and £143 per month for the second is awarded to scholars who are widowed, divorced, or single parents.

Supporting Documents

  • Every document needs to be uploaded online.
  • Evidence showing they are a citizen or that they are a refugee in a Commonwealth nation that qualifies.
    A valid passport (or national ID card) with your picture, birthdate, and citizenship country on it serves as identification proof.
  • Complete transcripts outlining every degree earned in higher education

Eligible Countries

Please be aware that Commonwealth Shared Scholarship applications are only accepted from citizens of the qualifying countries indicated below.

Dominican Republic
Fiji Islands
New Guinea, Papua
Saint Lucia Saint Helena
Grenadines and Saint Vincent
Sierra Leone
Solomon Island
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Republic of the Gambia
Zambia Vanuatu

Applicants Eligibility

  • Connect to one of the aforementioned nations as a citizen or as a refugee.
  • Possess a permanent residence in a Commonwealth nation that qualifies.
  • Possess a suitable postgraduate certification (typically a Master’s degree) or an undergraduate degree of at least upper second-class (2:1) honors standard by September 2024.
  • Be prepared to begin studying in the UK in September 2024.
  • Have not worked or studied in a high-income nation for more than a year or more
  • Without this scholarship, I could not afford to study in the United Kingdom.

Application Process for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 2024/25

The CSC’s online application system is required to be used for submission of applications. Candidates may submit several applications to different universities and for different courses, but they may only accept one offer of a shared scholarship.

At the University of Oxford, 103 Fully Funded Postgraduate Scholarships are given out as part of the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship 2024 program. It’s a chance that could change your life. At Oxford University, Rhodes provides Masters, MPhil, and PhD scholarships. It pays for every expense. Every year, individuals from all around the world apply for the Rhodes Program.

Candidates may apply to the University of Oxford in any academic program. Oxford is the world’s highest-ranked university. Students that are exceptionally gifted, intelligent, and have excellent marks are eligible to apply for the Rhodes scholarship and attend Oxford University. Are you the following person? Could you see yourself as a Rhodes Scholar? More details are provided below.

Details regarding the Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University in 2024

This Blog Includes:

Details About Rhodes Scholarship 2024 at the University of Oxford

  1. What is the Rhodes Scholarship?
  2. Number of Scholarships
  3. Financial Coverage and Benefits
  4. Eligibility Criteria
  5. Eligible Countries for Rhodes Scholarship
  6. How to Apply for the Rhodes Scholarship 2024?

Host Country: UK
Host University: Oxford University
Degree Level: Masters, MPhil, PhD
Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
Deadline: The Rhodes has set a deadline for each country.

What Is The Rhodes Scholarship ?

Founded in 1902. The most esteemed and longest-running fully funded international scholarship program. The scholarship’s objective is to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford full-time.

October 2024 will mark the commencement of the following academic term.

Number of Scholarships

For the 2023–2024 Academic Year 103 Fully Funded scholarships will be given out by Rhodes.

Financial Coverage and Benefits

The following are covered by the Rhodes Scholarship:

  • Course costs at Oxford University.
  • The cost of tuition.
  • yearly allowance Last year, the annual stipend was £18,180.
  • Living costs and lodging.
  • A fee is necessary to apply to the University of Oxford for study.
  • The price of a student visa.
  • The National Health Center’s International Health Surcharge (IHS).
  • Two flights in economy class to and from the UK during the start and finish of Oxford University studies.

Studying in the UK has several advantages, one of which is that you can work and stay in the country for two years following graduation. This appeals to a lot of candidates, who turn the UK into their second home.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the schorlaship.
  • The following nations are eligible to apply for the Rhodes Scholarships in 2024.
  • Candidates need to have an exceptional academic background.
  • The requirements for eligibility for the Rhodes scholarship differ between nations. For further information about the prerequisites, standards, and application process, please select your country here.
  • By July 2024, you ought to have finished your bachelor’s degree.

Eligible Countries for Rhodes Scholarship

Covering Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Burundi
Covering Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, St. Kitts-Nevis, Montserrat, Anguilla, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands
Covering South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, and Eswatini
Covering Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, the island of Saint Helena, Senegal, Sierra Leone, São Tomé and Principe, and Togo.

How to Apply for the Rhodes Scholarship 2024?